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Thread: Cohen and Nicks Plan for Success

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    Great insight as usual Rgirl.!

    On the other hand, Ina and Zimmerman did not get along as people, but for John, Kyoko was the only US female pairs skater who was experienced, at the level he wanted to achieve, and who wanted to compete in the '02 Olympics.
    Johnny I was here waitng, all you had to do was call!

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    Thumbs down

    I thought it was really cheesy of Robin to say some of the things she did ON NATIONAL TELEVISION, no less! She pretty much called Sasha a work slouch. Sasha, on the other hand, called Robin "a great coach" but said that she still wasn't skating well. She did NOT blame Robin, and, in fact, went out of her way to NOT blame Robin.

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    My theory on the breakup

    I have a feeling that the fact that Sasha was having such a problem with her costumes was the straw that broke the camel's back and made Sasha leave. In Sasha's journal entries, she talked about her costumes and how Robin's friend was making the costumes for her. Then she expressed frustration about how the costumes weren't ready.

    In her Kiss and Cry interview, she said (paraphrasing) how she felt so good to skate in a beautiful new costume. I also noticed that she was really happy skating her SP and she didn't let the mistake get to her.

    I don't know Sasha, but I know for myself that everything needs to be right for me to do something. I'm in school and I bring ALL my pens and highlighters to study just b/c if I want to use one kind of instrument and it's not there, then I can't concentrate b/c I keep thinking about how I want to use that item. That's pretty trivial, but Sasha might be the same that she wants to have everything lined up and organized before she can focus. It seems that not only did Sasha have to train between three rinks for ice time (whether this was an issue or not is up for debate) but her costumes weren't ready either. Plus there were issues about the choreography in that Robin wanted to choreograph the programs and Sasha went to someone else. Sasha really strikes me as a very artistic person who views skating as a form of self expression. I kind of got that from her SP. She has always skated freely under Nicks as he allows her to choreograph her own programs. Under TT and RW, Sasha looked really stiff even though TT's choreo is beautiful. Like it or not, Sasha wants to design her own costumes and have input in her choreography. So much has been touted about RW being a psychology major, but you have to adjust your teaching style to your pupil. Robin didn't know when to give up the reins.

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    IMO Sasha will need to pull all stops tonight to challenge Michelle. If Sasha has 'winning' on her mind she probably won't. If both skate clean, I think MK may have a slight advantage- she skates last. If Sasha skates really great, will that add to the pressure on Kwan? She can handle pressure. That's what Sasha needs to learn to becomea champion. My feeling is that Nicks is a very skilled coach and he knows Sasha really well. If Sasha is physically fit for a long program at this point, she should skate great tonight. It is hard to tell right now what will happen at worlds, but if she wins tonight, it will get the monkey off her back and she will be more ready than she has ever been.

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