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Thread: Separation from ISU?

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    Separation from ISU?

    On another board a poster that is a VERY reliable source of information read in a Japanese newspaper something that wasy VERY interesting.

    The USFSA and other countries, i.e. Japan, are trying to pull figure skating out of the ISU. They will make the announcement regarding this as early as the 25th, which is tomorrow.

    Now there is no link since this was in Japanese and in a newspaper (probably online). She will continue to check on this. I would say, keep your eyes open. Maybe there will be something said about a proposed International Figure Skating Union. Now wouldn't that just get Speedy's panties in an uproar?:rollin:

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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    The sooner the better. I hope it's true.

    Great timing, too -- right in the middle of Worlds, to attract maximum media attention. Would all American and Japanese skaters have to withdraw form Worlds after the announcement?

    If so, here are my new predictions: gold, Sokolova; silver, Volchkova; bronze, Liashenko.


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    I don't think it would be smart for them to announce such a plan as early as tomorrow. My best judgment would be to announce it right before the exhibitions begin. It wouldn't be right to have skaters withdraw after they worked so hard. Plus to announce it and not have them withdraw...well, don't you think Speedy's gang of crooks would mark each and every skater from each and every federation down in some manner? Boy, talk about scandal!!!!!

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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    Please, please, please let this be true!!! It would benefit figure skating as a whole. And maybe they could do away with any plans for secret judging!

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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    I wish it were true and that the US and Canada would follow. For some reason, I just don't think it will happen/

    Keeping my fingers +.

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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    Here is something I came across this morning...

    <a href="" target="top">Revised rules spur breakaway skating federation </a>

    :D :D

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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    I just came across another one...

    <a href="" target="top">Controversy created new skate federation</a>

    This is really starting to heat up!

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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    Another interesting article. From Emilieanne's link, click on: "Figure Skating is Losing Its Luster" on the right. It's about how fan interest and revenues are down throughout the sport.

    About the new federation. Money talks, we all know what walks. According to the article, ABC television pays the ISU $22 million dollars a year (and another $12.5 million to the USFSA). This is in jeopardy, with or without a rival organization. If the new organization can convince the television people that it is the real McCoy, the ISU is history.

    I see that the presidents of the Japanese, British and Australian federations are charter members (as individuals) of the new thing. Why is the U.S. lagging behind?

    Hooray for Dick Button, Scott Hamilton and Kristi Yamaguchi for giving their support. Kristi for WSF President!


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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    Mathman, the Americans will no doubt join in after their Annual Meeting in early May. The USFSA membership will no doubt demand I guess that is what they are waiting for.

    Although I said we had better fasten our seatbelts as there would be some turbulence on this very bumpy ride, I never expected anything like this.

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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    This is exciting! It could'nt come at a better time.

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    Re: Separation from ISU?

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Please, please, please let this be true!!![/quote] :lol: Mike79, that is exactly how I feel!

    Emileanne & Mathman,
    Thanks for the links. I'm not apprehensive about who will win what at Worlds, but the possibility of federations busting up the ISU--now THAT has me running for the Tums! I want it to be true so bad that I'm afraid it won't happen. Let's just say I'm keeping every digit on my body crossed that it will.

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