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Thread: Sasha Cohen's Programs

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    Sasha Cohen's Programs

    I have read (on other message boards) that Sasha has the most technically difficult programs this season. Although the comments were made, the posts never really clarified their reasoning. When I think of difficult programs, Irina S. and Sarah H. generally come to mind mainly because of their jump combinations & entries into jumps. I also tend to think of Michelle K. because she generally makes things looks so easy (flows). Does Sasha have the most difficult programs and why? I must be missing something so I'd appreciate your thoughts.


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    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:x-small;"><strong>
    Sasha's programs do have difficulty but I see them
    just as hard as SH and IS programs. I think Kwan's
    programs have the same amount of difficulty
    all the time. Or maybe its just me LOL

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    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    Thank You for your response CuteGreekGoddess.
    If the difficulty that some others are commenting about is only jumps then I don't see Sasha's programs as the most difficult since most all the ladies do the same jumps. The difference then would be speed, entry, height, landing and flow I would think.

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    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    Perhaps the much touted difficulties in Sasha's programs are in what is Planned, not what is performed.

    Sasha has had planned at various times a triple lutz triple toe and a triple/triple sequence, not to mentions last year's planned quad. If she landed those, that would make her program the most difficult. When she does not perform the triple/triples or the quad, she is basically doing the same elements as many other skaters.

    Maybe the footwork is harder? But it depends on your opinions of which is harder, edge work or toe work, and the amount of speed carried, where, for example, she is not nearly as fast as Irina at her best, nor does she have the edges of Michelle at Michells's best.

    I would say that Carolina Kostner with her 2 triple triples, and the Japanese jr. ladies with the triple axels are doing the most difficult programs this year. They aren't yet doing the elements as well as Sasha, but the program is more difficult.
    And if Yoshi Onda lands all her planned stuff, her program is more difficult than what Sasha has planned.

    Don't get me wrong. I like Sasha's programs better. But what we are discussing here is relative difficulty, both as planned and as performed.


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    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    I think by front loading her lp this season makes it ALOT easier no matter what jumps she does. 3Flutz/2 toe, 3 Flutz, 3 Flip... Doesnt she have planned 5 triples before the 2 minute mark?

    By no means is her program the hardest this season, yet. Yes, she had a 3/3 and a sequence planned, but didnt land it, yet. (# of clean triples this season=5)
    Irina had a 3/3 planned, but didnt land it, yet.( # of clean triples=5)
    Sarah had 2 3/3 planned, but didnt land it, yet. (# of clean triples=3)
    Michelle didnt have a 3/3 planned and doesnt plan to have one for worlds. (# of clean triples=6)

    Of the <strong>top 4</strong>, MK has landed the hardest # of triples this season so far. After the top 4, Sokolova has landed 3/3 this season, so has Kostner and a slew of other skaters.

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    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    kwansong999, Sasha has planned ALL 7 triples before the 2 minute mark. That is major frontloading. Sarah plans her jumps more evenly than everyone. MK always has that 2nd 3lutz in the last minute and Irina also plans her jumps very well. I would say Sasha has the easiest program this season out of the top contenders (well, maybe not Sarah) since she has so much front loading. Also, an Ina Bauer into a 2axel is not extrememly difficult as some Sasha fans tout. It is difficult, but that is also marred by the crossovers Sasha does out of the IB into the 2axel. MK has also done 3toe's and 2axels out of Ina Bauers in her programs. Sarah has that 3loop out of a back spiral, MK has done a 3toe out of a back spiral. Irina has puts footwork infront of some her jumps (MK and Sarah do also) and also does some jumps right out of spins.


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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    Sasha's programs are wonderful. What else may I say? I just <strong>love</strong> her jumps, spins, spirals, everything. IMO, she and Michelle Kwan are very good at the whole package. :D

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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    Thank you, Dragon, for pointing out that Sasha does NOT go right from the ina bauer into the 2A. I would hardly even call them connected. While I think Sasha's planned programs are probably the most difficult, I must agree with everyone here that planning and performing are two different things.

    She is a lovely skater, but she is not "the best in the world" (I think there are many skaters who could have that title on a particular day), nor does she have any kind of lock on difficult programs. Shizuka has two 3/3s in her LP, as does Amber Corwin, and the skaters mentioned in previous posts all have very difficult programs, too.


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    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    Sasha Cohens, Every single one of her jumps are in the first 2:25 seconds of her 4:00 LP..which really is not cute to me. Not only that she also does both of her 3Lutzes, back to back in her Program.

    Yes I am a Michelle Kwan fan, but when it comes to overall difficulty of programs I would say that MK and Ann Patrice have the most difficult programs. Michelle Kwan doing the 3Lutz as the last jump in her program as well as steps/choreography and Ann Patrice does 3Lutz and 3Flip (out of steps) at the very end of her program. Very commendable...

    Carolina Kostner from a technical standpoint has the most difficult program. Only the 2nd women to ever land the 3Flip/3Toe cleanly in international competition, and only women to ever land 2 3/3's @ Europeans.

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    Ogre Mage

    Sasha's programs

    Sasha has completed a 6 triple program this season (at Crest and GPF). She has also completed a 3sal/hop/3toe sequence (Crest). The 3lutz/3toe has evaded her though.

    I agree with Doris -- in terms of technical content, her program is very ambitious this year because of both the 3lutz/3toe and 3/3 sequence. However, what is planned and then what is acutally completed are two different things. None of the other top ladies (Irina, Michelle, Sarah) have planned two 3/3s this year. Of course, Sasha has yet to successfully complete both of these combos in an LP. The frontloading probably does make the program easier, but come on -- two 3/3s in an LP is incredibly difficult no matter where they are placed. I strongly disagree with those who say that the "plan" for Sasha's program is easier than those of the other top ladies. However, in terms of what's been LANDED, then yes, her technical merit has been lower then others.

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    Re: Sasha Cohen's Programs

    I don't rcall seeing Carolina Kostner, but from what I've read, she is good. I have seen Yoshie and while I enjoy her technical abilities, I don't think sh'e quite up to the other top ladies presentation wise. IMO

    I agree that a difficult program is one that is not only planned but executed on the ice.

    Not too thrilled with frontloaded programs either. I would much rather see the jumps spread out and covering the ice. (Man, that doesn't make a lot of sense! Does anyone kinow how the judges view frontloaded programs?

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    Re: Sasha's programs

    The six triples werent clean though.

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    Re: Sasha's programs

    I love Sasha C., but I am not an ardent fan. If I were, I would also say she has the most difficult program and she is skating better than anyone else. That is what a fan is all about.

    A difficult technical program for anyone has to be defined. Some of us do not see the underrotated jumps of Sarah.


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    Re: Sasha's programs

    I was just watching Salome this morning and the jam packed difficulty in the program still amazes me. The triple toe in the very last second before the program ends just sends chills down my spine. I really hope more ladies are at least attempting to have this level of difficulty designed. If it was for all those jumps...sigh.

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    Re: Sasha's programs

    I'm not sure what to think of front loaded programs. As per commentators, the skater proves their stamina by doing that last jump in the last section of their program. Also, it's the last thing the judges see a skater perform and you want to finish the program on a high note.

    By front loading, she's not completing the program with a big finish. I'm also wondering if this is a reason why she seems to trip up on some footwork toward the end - is she too tired from doing all the big tricks at the beginning?

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