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Thread: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

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    Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

    Here's an interesting article:

    Among other things: 1) he has flown in his hypnotherapist to stay with him for 3 weeks through Worlds, 2) his wife Lisa is in charge of renting a Hummer limo for 24 people, who will make a trip up to Atlantic City AFTER he wins.

    I wish him well, but how arrogant of him (apologies to Weiss fans). He should just concentrate on performing well and skating 3 great programs. It's one thing to be confident, but this is ridiculous (JMOHO, of course).

    Herm (sk8ngnutt)

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    Michaels at it again

    This article is just another Reason why he does not have a major fan base. :lol:

    World being held in Washington or not. Unless Plushekno has a Major melt down. He won't win. :rollin:

    Michael is too full of himself. :rolleyes:

    Frank Carroll is right. He is too intent on proving that he is a Mans man. & Not gay. His Macho Macho doesn't go over well. Not to mention his Off again Off again skating.:D

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    Re: Michaels at it again

    I think the hypnotherapist will help, hopefully. (I think Nikidinov could have used a therapist.) I think the limo to take all his friends and family will be very generous of him.

    This may be his swan song. Let the guy be. BTW, I am not a big fan but I do not dislike him.


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    Re: Michaels at it again

    If he doesn't believe he is going to win who will? His words might come off as a little arrogant but he is putting doubt out of his mind, which for him is a positive thing. I wish him luck and all of the other skaters too. I want to see them all skate good

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    Re: Michaels at it again

    I have nothing against Michael=but==Even on E. Plushenko's worst day==he can skate rings around Michael==that is just my opinion==I think he has it in him to put together good clean programs (which he has)=but=usually if he makes a mistake early on he tends to fall apart=

    I wish all of the skaters the best of luck.


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    Re: Michaels at it again

    I don't think Mike has it in him to pull off two or three clean programs. His Free is good, his short isn't so good, so we'll have to see. BTW, the thing about this being his last year might factor in to. If he doesn't plan on continuing next season, he may want to do really well here, but if he has that "Well, I can always do it next year" mentality, he may screw it up.
    Bronze at the highest (The VERY highest), 6th or 7th at the lowest.

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    Re: Michaels at it again

    ah michael, please learn to shut up and just skate! I wanna see you kick some butt! get rid of the gay choreography please and go back to whoever created Mulan.

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    Re: Michaels at it again

    In order for Michael to beat Plush he (MW) would have to do better that he has ever done in competition and Plush would have to have three weak skates and I just do not see that happening. Mike could take silver but that too is doubtful based on past inability to land quads in competitions and his other rivals relatively better success rate. And the quads do count!!!!! MW could also wind up in fifth place but I doubt lower than that. I personally think he is obnoxious and hope Honda, Tim, Abt best him.

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    Re: Michaels at it again

    "If I'm at my best, I don't think anyone can beat me," Weiss added later. "Plushenko is obviously a great skater, but I feel if I hit both of my quads, both triple axels, all that stuff, then I'm better. I'm sure he feels the same way. I'm sure a number of athletes feel the same way."

    Is he smoking crack? He's not known for delivering consistently. When I read stuff like this, it makes me want nothing more than to see him finish far off the podium. Not only that, but I'd find it rather funny if he finished lower than both of the other Americans.

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    Re: Michaels at it again

    As soon as I saw the title of this thread, I had one thought.....

    :rollin: :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:

    The boy never gets it. I'm all for positive thinking but come on! What's all this about a hypnotherapist getting him to move winning up on his list of what's important? He's always been arrogant about winning. He doesn't need help on obsessing on that!

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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Michaels at it again

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">Do NOT read this article while drinking anything. Dr. Pepper coming out your nose is not a pleasant sensation. :rollin:

    When I first read this article, I was in hysterics. Thanks, Mike, for the good laugh. :lol:


    Laura </span>

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    Re: Michaels at it again

    Didn't Mike set up his champagne celebration for Trophee Lalique before he won it? Possibly, he is trying the same technique. This is fine Mike, but it isn't necessary to tell the rest of us about it. (Think, boy, think. You don't only need a hypnotherapist, you need a good publicist. And a mouth gag.)

    Actually, although I am not fond of Mike's personality, I would like to see him go out in his home city with a great skate, shades of Rudi Galindo.

    And then retire and never give another interview.

    The only ways he will beat Plush are:
    1. Plush decides not to come to DC because of the War
    2. Plush eats bad sushi and has a fever of 105 F.
    3. Weiss hires Yagudin's hypnotherapist and has him stare at Plush like the man said he did at the Olympics, causing Plush to goof up in the short. (And even then Weiss can't beat him, probably.)


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    Re: Michaels at it again


    ITA on the never giving another interview. You do realize that he will probably join COI or SOI soon and then we're stuck with 2 idiots doing stripteases during "family" shows.

    Bless their hearts, but some skaters can do an entertaining program while actually skating.

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    Re: Michaels at it again

    Yep - Mikey needs to find a spokesperson.

    Actually, the article was very pleasant. Beyond the 'I'm the best' paragraphs, he seems to be a nice guy. The 'im the best stuff' seems more like a self-pep talk than arrogance when taken in context.

    Frankly, he'd probably be more popular if he actually delivered. The only thing that bothered me was his obvious unwillingness to admit to a bad skate. Sometimes getting over the rough patches involves admitting that you done bad and need to change something.

    Good luck at World's mike.

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    Re: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

    hrmsk8ngnutt :

    Didn't Michael catch Plushenko's final skate at the GPF? It was flawless. No one on the planet could touch him. I think Weiss has been hypnotized one too many times. He better wake up at Worlds and "smell the coffee."


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