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Thread: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

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    Re: bashed skaters

    Michael Weiss is going to win Worlds. He's going to Shock and Awe the competition. He'll be dropping quads and triple axels like MOABs, all the foreigners will be fleeing in terror. There's going to be a regime change at Worlds one way or the other, and Mike is going to come out on top.

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    Operation Michael Weiss

    I'm pretty sure "shock and awe" is the state I will be in IF Weiss can skate worth a diddley squat at Worlds. And he will be landing all right, on his patootie or his freedom blades!

    Fetal, you were absolutely on target (oh no, a pun...shame on me)!!!!! However, in order for me to be a Dixie Chick I would have to have said something in front of a large skating audience in England. Then I'd be banned from posting at all skating boards across the internet...LOL!!!!!:rollin:

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    Re: Michael's at it again


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    Re: Michael's at it again

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:small;">Mike is going to be on that podium. I like to think that those living in the U.S. would be inclined to support our champion. I do! I think the U.S. champion with several World medals SHOULD believe he can win--so much of competition is psychological.</span>

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    Micheal ...

    I certainly found the article an interesting and enlightening read. Weiss has not to date been a skater I've supported particularly, but I'll be watching him avidly in Worlds this year to see whether all that hypnosis, contributing to his having the belief he can win, will pay off ...

    It strikes me as interesting that a skater with Plushenko's proven talents never gives media interviews stating he's going to win this year becuase if all his jumps come off he's the best ... He obviously has a very different personality to Micheal, and I've read countless times that he has humility.

    Still, roll on Eurosports coverage of Worlds, so I can see what hypnosis has (or hasn't) done for Weiss. Following that interview I'll certainly be paying more attention than ever before to the American champs performances. Wish Eurosport showed qualifying and practises ... In the olden days, the BBC used to :|


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    Re: Micheal ...

    Well, at least Mikey made us laugh once more. There are lots of skaters who could do better but lack selfbelieve - maybe Weiss should share some portion of his overwhelming one with them?

    Just some side note - my impression is that Weiss is not one of the most stable skaters in the circuit. Selfconfidence is a good thing and very important in FS, but IMO putting this kind of pressure on himself by prettending being top favourite for winning the gold in his last season is pretty stupid.

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    Re: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

    <em>"Plushenko is obviously a great skater, but I feel if I hit both of my quads, both triple axels, all that stuff, then I'm better. I'm sure he feels the same way. I'm sure a number of athletes feel the same way."</em>

    <span style="color:maroon;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">You know, I was just re-reading this article and I realized that when he said "he feels the same way... a number of athletes feel the same way," he isn't talking about how they feel about HIM. He means that these athletes feel that at their best, if they hit all their elements, THEY are the best. Geesh!</span>

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    Re: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

    As Weiss and Vodoo was mentioned - well it seems that the Russian referee for the mens' competition has to be replaced by another one. (Visa problems)

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    Re: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

    I hope Michael has rehearsed his, "I came here to skate my best, but today was just not my day.' speech. He is sniffing glue if he thinks he going to win. But, if he is asked to skate in the exhibition and gets to go topless, he'll be happy.
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    Re: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

    Mike may do what he says, who knows. I may end up with egg on my face.

    <a href="" target="top"></a>


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    Re: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

    So far so good for our fave Mikey. Tim and Ryan are holding up the old stars and stripes, too.

    But I was a little bit surprised that the article mentioned a "small crowd." OK, it's only the qualifying round. Still, this is our only chance to see the second flight skaters, so I would have expected a bigger turn out.


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