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Thread: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

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    Truth Hurts2

    Re: Michael Weiss Article from Washington Post

    plushenko is the most talented male skater i've ever seen in men's FS since i've been watching the sport.. plushy can beat mikey on a bad day IMOH.

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    Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    Mike could very well be using this as an intimidation factor, but, I imagine a skater like Plushenko doesn't think twice about Weiss. I should probably shut up, if I send too much negative energy Mike's way, he'll end up pulling a Butirskaya of 99 Worlds and winning. LOL, to mention Maria, I think Mike is the Butirskaya of men's skating. Both are talented and have some impressive attributes, one of which includes an overactive mouth.

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    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    Doris Pulaski,
    You must be thinking the same thing I was. As for Weiss beating Plushenko, my question is Where and When did this happen? It must have been in his dreams. That's the only place Michael Weiss beat both Plushenko and Yagudin.

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    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    Actually, for one of his World Bronze medals, Mike did beat Plush. (Actually, Plush beat Plush in that event by self destructing.)

    As to Mike beating Yagudin, he probably did back in the 1997 time frame or earlier? Mike has been around a long time.

    But in this time and place, it is hard to think about Mike and Evgeni inside the same head at the same time, let alone Mike beating Evgeni.

    One thing this article did bring out, and other posters have mentioned it, is the very compliant, coachable nature of Mike. It does make one wonder who tells him that these are good things to say. It also makes one wonder how controlling his family is of him. Consider all the hours building big muscles in his FATHER'S Gold's Gym when that was not a good thing to do for skating.

    I will have to be more charitable about Mike than I have been. I hadn't thought of him as a mentally abused child before.


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    berthes ghost

    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    I don't know Doris, as far as wild conspiracy theories go, I favor the "the wife controls him" scenerio. I think that her rink-side lurking has taken on a Suzanne Bonaily quality. :lol:

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    Nadya Lyubova

    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>As for voodoo... Abt is already out, three (or four) more to go. [/quote]
    <img src="" style="border:0;"/> I should have known! :lol:

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    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    <em>DEE4707 I will be watching in Hoping to see Alexei in the crowd.

    But, in regards to Mike beating Both Plush & Yags. Yeah it did happen. But, not like Mike makes it sound.

    He beat Plush back in I think( Not sure of the year) But, either 96 or 97. Needles to say that Plush was a baby. But, it was when Alexei won his second World title. My Bad Also when Alexei won his 1st World title. Alexie just beat out Todd.

    As for beating Alexei. The only time that every happen was at the Good Will Games last year. Everyone & their mother knows it was because, Alexei was starving himself & did not have the strength to skate.

    So Michael beat them both when 1) they were babies & just finished nursing:lol: or
    2) Someone starves themselves & is a much weaken state. That is how Mike beath both Alexei & Plush.

    Mike gets on my last nerve but, He does make me & the entire skating world laugh with his statements. I hope that he keeps it up:rollin: </em>

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    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    Michael Weiss is merely voicing the timely patriotic idea that Americans are superior to all. He will be up against FRENCH, RUSSIAN and CHINESE skaters. Those people represent disobedient Foreign interests. We as Americans need to rally behind Weiss in his campaign to assert American supremacy. If any of you criticizing Weiss is an American, you are a traitor just like the Dixie Chicks!

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    berthes ghost

    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    Fetal, you forgot to mention what a gas-guzzler the stretch humvie Lisa hired will be.

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    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    Fetal - You're in High Style. Luv it.


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    Re: Mike's Intimidation Ploy

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>If any of you criticizing Weiss is an American, you are a traitor just like the Dixie Chicks![/quote]

    Fetal, if you were even being half way serious,:rolleyes: I wouldn't mind being a traitor.

    Fetal's back!!!:lol: :lol:


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    That was a good one.:lol:

    I wouldn't be suprised that he mentions something to that nature:rolleyes: .
    But, I love it when Michael puts his foote in his mouth. I think that his foot has a new address there.

    The Dixie Chicks are Satanic:evil: :evil: Don't buy their music.

    I guess people can't agree to disagree anymore without fear for their jobs now:rolleyes:


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    Re: FETAL

    Yeah, Mikey put his foot in his mouth again...something that he does with charming regularity. That said, it DOESN'T make him a bad guy, by any means....perhaps he's trying to psych himself up more...not many of us who are approaching a challenge with our work or lives gets to do that in such a public manner. Having diarrhea of the mouth is not a pleasant sensation, I'm sure, but I think it's better than having constipation of the brain...God knows, there are enough of THOSE people out there too.

    Good luck Mike!

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    I will be :rollin: all the way if Michael turns in a first rate performance. Not because I want him to win, but because he is so overly bashed like Sarah was before the Olys.

    I can't help but support bashed skaters.


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    Re: bashed skaters

    I am with you Joe...

    I pray to the skategods every night to make that perfect performance happen one day so that I can see the reactions all over the net. Oh man, that would be the "mother of all suprises".

    You think it can't happen? I say never underestimate the PTB.
    It might just happen.

    Carry on, carry on.

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