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Thread: Novice and Junior

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    Novice and Junior

    The USA has some good novices coming on up in Men, Ladies and even Pairs. The Men in the Pairs Skate are more in focus than the ladies. Good sign for the future. Jr. Ladies not too go. Got to go my time is up at the library .


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    ITA the novice skaters were awesome... I was surprised and satisfied yesterday

    glad to hear I didn't miss much on the ladies today

    gonna go catch some pairs practice later this evening

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    Watching the Novice Pairs do lifts scared me senseless, but the team that placed first (Claire Davis and Nathan Miller) were amazing. He skated with less "noise" and more smoothness in some of their lifts than they did during the rest of their programs.

    I'm really excited about some of the Junior Pairs coming up through the ranks. Apparently I missed out by not watching Novice Pairs last year. Most of the teams I was really excited about had just moved up this year from Novice. I really hope they can make an good transition into the Senior ranks when the time comes.

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    Don't forget the dancers

    The Novice dance champs (Samulson and Bates) are a very, very good team.

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    ITA about the Novice dance champs! I was more impressed by this couple than anything else novice or juniors! They are well matched, young, and skate pretty fast! I also really liked several of the novice men.


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