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    Question Liang's Scores...

    Hi! I don't post too often here, but for you all that know skating a lot better than I do, what did you think about Liang's scores in both the SP & LP? I'm no expert, but I felt that especially in the SP, she was undermarked. What did Jenny Kirk do in her programs (especially the LP) that made her performances superior to Liangs? Even Uncle Dick & Aunt Peggy seemed pleased with her (Liang's performaces) enough to have a mini-gushfest over them!

    Just my very un-expert opinion...but what do you all think??

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    Hi there...

    I'm definitely no expert, so just stating an opinion.

    Especially in the SP, I thought BB should have placed higher than Kimmie. IMO, Jenny was places properly - she had a good SP and is just generally more polished and mature than both of these younger girls.

    In the LP, I really like BB better overall than Kimmie in terms of the total package. But Kimmie landed that big jump, and executed all kinds of other jumps while BB had a couple mistakes, as did Jenny.

    I think there is certainly room for debate about these placements, although I wouldn't go so far as "wuzrobbed" other than BB in the short. I wish I knew how this would have turned out under COP.


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    Great minds think alike!

    Bebe's program was much more complex and geared to COP. Hey, how about Bebe as junior world champion this year?

    Okay, okay, okay.........those Japanese youngsters can't win everything!

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    Liang I thought was undermarked a little in the SP. She had a very good short and I wonder if I would have her ahead of Meissner there.

    In the LP, she made a couple of mistakes but still, not bad. I think she should have been ahead of Jenny. I would even have considered putting Meissner in front of Cohen just because of her superior technical content (esp. that 3A!). Kwan, even though underwhelming by her own high standard, deserved 1st in both the SP and the LP.

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    I personally would have put Beatrisa 2nd in the SP and 4th in the long and I'm a bit mystified as to why she was lowballed as well. Granted, the 2nd & 4th are just my personal opinion, BUT I'm obviously not the only one here who thinks that overall she was robbed a bit.

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    I thought Bebe's marks in the SP were atrocious. She not only had a clean program but she had better choreography than Kimmie. She clearly was a complete package. I would have placed her lower than Jenny in the SP because Jenny had more polish. In the LP though Kimmie's tech marks were really high. She ATTEMPTED the triple axel. It was very underrotated so I am very surprised that she is being mentioned as someone that landed it after Harding's in the early 1990's. I admire her courage in going for it and she landed all the other jumps but there was almost no choreography in her program. Bebe had a more interesting program and she should have received higher presentation scores because of the way she attacked everything. Kim deserved the higher tech scores but Bebe should have placed higher overall. I would have placed her higher than both Kimmie and Jenny in the LP. For some reason it seems they are holding her down, and pushing Kimmie up. If Bebe wants to be noticed, she better start working on a triple axel.


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    I can't believe how much Bebe has matured! She was definitely more of a package than Kimmie in both SP and LP. I was more impressed by Kimmie in the LP than in the SP, where I could not believe she placed ahead of Bebe.

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    I agree.

    I had Liang 3rd on my scorecard.

    Taking nothing away from the terrific performances of the other two ladies. Sara's choreography was much more difficult. Liang is a whole package and this just goes to show why the 6.0 system should go!

    In NJS: I would have awarded Liang higher marks in transitions, choreography, and even with the other two in execution. Skating skills being slightly higher on Liang as well. Adding all those components together would have put Liang up over the other two considering all other content was compareable. Liang also had higher scoring spins in my opinion.

    That being said. I must say all these gals better get on that triple-triple thing if they plan to challenge the Japanese and Europeans on the world scene. They are catching up on the component marks, and US ladies can not rely on an artistic edge to help them like it has in the past. The 3-axel is great, and you can see Kimmie will definately have it soon. Kudos. But one jump is a drop in the bucket in NJS. BL is also capable of this jump. She had it 1/4 turn shy at Dallas Nationals (in practice). Slutskya is capable of two 3 3 s as well as Ando and Shizuka.

    Wonderful competition. Great job to all of the competitors.

    Everyones' thoughts and prayers are with the Nikidinov family. Their loss is shared with the whole US skating communitiy.

    The choreo

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    In another thread I said I liked BeBe LP best of all the ladies. She was undermarked in both programs. Jenny deserved third in the SP but as much as I love her she was just not there for the latter part of the LP, the choreography of which I do not like. BeBe should have recieved higher marks than Jenny on both counts and higher than Kimmee on Presentation. I usually cannot tell the difference between moderately fast and speedy as hell on tv but when Liang was skating those logos on the boards were zipping by. The girl was robbed!!!!!

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    Beatrisa's long program was astounding! Intricate and powerful, fitted perfectly to the music. I certainly see the argument for placing her higher. Her presentation scores should have been higher. Her short was also very good, tho it didn't affect me quite like the long. I felt Kimmie's presentation was actually better in the SP. She held her spiral positions better, where in the long she just tossed them away.

    All in all, this was a great comeback for BB, even being in 5th. She knows she had two great skates, whatever the placement. (Love her haircut, too!)

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