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    Just by reading your post scares me half to death. Let's just hope Irina's mother's case doesn't become that serious.

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    I'm wondering how old her mother is. Seems awfully young for kidney failure, or whatever it is. She can't be that old as Irina is in her early 20's. Does Irina have any siblings?
    By the way, as I keep saying, there is no a in DEFINITELY!
    Grgranny's going to teach you yet.

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    I'll definitely agree that Irina grew on me. I wasn't really a fan in 96, although I did appreciate her huge jumps. I also remember being very impressed by that huge 3s/3l she threw in her freeskate at the 97 Worlds. After seeing "Carmen" from 00 I began to like her style and her infectious grin. She has had two of my favorite technical programs from a lady ("Serenade" and the 01-02 one). So, I will miss her. The Michelle vs. Irina battles are always nail-biters and among the best to relive again and again. Good luck to Irina and her mother. Also, do you think we'll see Irina next season? I know she has been considering children. I hope we see her! But if not, she has already given so much to the sport.

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    In her earlier years I didn't like her skating so much but she grew on me too. - Well, it's strange, but usually I like those skaters most, to which I didn't pay so much attention at the beginning. It's like developing into a true fan - has anyone else observed that phenomenon?

    Given the health problems of her parents and her mother in particular I think it's no wonder that she didn't skate to well during the whole season. And now I really dislike Piseev (probably well knowing about her problems) for his comment after her not convincing performance at RN that Irina needs a psychiatrist. How insensitive of that man. Now I'm so glad that she won Euros.

    I really hope that Slutkaya won't quit eligible skating. Worlds 2005 will be in Moscow and it would be great to see her taking the title or at least a medal in her hometown, especially as she is one of the few Russian skaters who still trains in her country which does not make things easier for her.

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    Hey, GrGranny.

    My father was in his late 20's when his kidneys failed. Kidneys can fail due to injury, infection and as a side effect of high blood pressure. Hope I didn't scare anyone more.

    Also, apologies for going off topic.

    We tend to forget that Irina has been around as long as Michele - since she had those bad years and was out of the limelight for a couple of years. I've also enjoyed her apparent personality - bubbly and cheery - and her athleticism. There's been definite improvement in style, but I still consider her to be more athlete than artist. Anyway, she will be missed at this year's competition.

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