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    Amber Corwin

    Like Derrick Delmore, Amber has been around for quite some time and her highest finish has been 5th.

    What's next for her? What's preventing her from finishing higher (meaning what does she need to improve)?

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    Amber was 4th at nationals last year.

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    I Amber. She is so classy.

    With the younger generation (Kimmie Meaissner, Katy Taylor, Bebe Liang) now on the scene, I doubt that she will be a serious contender for a the national podium any more. But she is one skater who really does seem to like competing for the joy of the sport, win or lose. I thought her Breakfast at Tiffany's program was superb.

    Ameber is a college graduate, from Cal State Long Beach, in Fashion Mechandising and Marketing. According to her bio on the USFSA site, she wants some day to open her own "image consulting and styling" business. (LOL, she can take Sasha Cohen in as a junior partner.)

    She also has an interest in being involved in skating in other ways than as a performer. She is the athlete's representative on ISU council's, for instance. She seems like she really has her head on straight. I think she will be a success at whatever she undertakes.


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    Doesn't Amber design her own costumes as well? I've always liked her skating and have felt more than once that she's been under-scored at Nats.

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    head on right

    Yes, she certainly seems like a skater who has her head on right. I've cheered for her for a long time. I believe she has a bright future.

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