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Thread: sasha cohen and her heritage

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    Re: sasha cohen and her heritage

    Ethnicity is about as useful a predictor of a person's temperament and talent as Zodiac signs. It's a load of crap. If people would stop thinking of themselves and each others as ethnic groups and tribes there'd be lot less b.s. in the world.

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    The most Maria B could say, or Tatiana could say about the Russian connection is that her mother was a gymnast from Ukraine. Sasha got the little body that is good for gymnastics and spinning in the air. The presentation was a lot of work and ballet training I am guessing.

    As for why she hasn't conquered in the chess world, I can only assume that as a child the table was simply too high.

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    Re: sasha cohen and her heritage

    Fetal - That's it direct to the point. Luv it. Keep going and don't stop now (that's a square dance call).


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    Re: Sasha

    Hello Russian Fan

    I did not mean it literally, only figuratively. I didn't mean to say that just because she has Russian heritage she automatically has some innate amazing artistic quality. Just saying that since so many Russian skaters are amazingly artistic and Sasha is artistic as well that it's a cool coincidence. Maybe I should worded my previous response differently. I can see how it could be misconstrued.

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    Re: Sasha

    I think a lot of the top Russian skaters move beautifully and have good musicality because they have excellent training in dance. I don't know what it's like now, but under the old Soviet system, the kids who were chosen for their potential in figure skating were trained from an early age in ballet by some of the finest ballet teachers in the world. Musicality was an integral part of that. If the same system were in place in any other country, I'm sure the results would be the same, which doesn't mean that everybody who aims to be an elite skater gets all the goods. There was a Russian guy a few years ago, won or medeled at Jr. Worlds--Igor Paskevich, I think. Had some good potential, but just never made it past the age of 20 or so, IIRC. Also, as a couple of people have pointed out, Totmianina & Marinin don't exactly exude musicality. They are very strong skaters, but I wonder if some of the training in Russia is suffering because of the economics? Or perhaps T&M just aren't naturally musical. Obertas & Sokolov seem very musical to me. Anyway, the bottom line is that the ethnicity argument is just silly. Maria B. can say what she wants, but nobody has to take her seriously:lol:

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