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Thread: I hate being sick! (a Woe Is Me thread LOL)

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    I hate being sick! (a Woe Is Me thread LOL)

    Can I just whine for a while. I loved Nationals, but I hate flying. 1. because I feel yucky the entire time I'm in the air and 2. because I always pick up the airline bug. And so this was no acception and I am sick sick sick

    I turn 20 tomorrow and all teh plans are postponed as I have the full blown flu! I hate being sick!!!!!!!!!

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    20 already! It seems like you are growing up so fast.

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    Aw Toni, I hope you'll be feeling better really quickly! So sorry you had to cancel your birthday plans!
    Next time you're getting ready to fly(or any time you think you're getting cold/flu), try using Zicam and Halls Defense drops with zinc, vitamin c and euchnacea(SP?). My husband I used those around the Christmas holidays as we were having different cold/flu symptoms. We took vitamin c tablets and drank lots of hot tea, too. (I hear Celestial Seasons have some sort of "wellness tea" out but I haven't found in the store yet. I'm not sure if it's to use to help prevent colds or if it's to help you get over them.) The father of the little girl I babysit wears a mask, like doctors/dentist wear, on airplanes and also swears by the Zicam. I don't know if it was luck or the preventatives we used, but neither of us ended up full-blown sick. I've never gotten sick from flying but I get AWFUL ear pain when we land. I haven't found anything that helps alleviate it.

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    Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids Toni. Hope you feel better soon!

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    Get well soon, Toni. And have a great birthday celebration then!

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    Happy Birthday Toni.......may the rest of 2005 be a healthier year for you.....42

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    Hope you're feeling better each day, Toni! What a way to spend your birthday.

    Get plenty of rest & drink lots of fluids.

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