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Thread: Question -- What event is this?

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    Question Question -- What event is this?

    ...and who is that on the right?

    Many thanks.


    PS. If that doesn't work, please try this:

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    I'm not sure who the person is, but the dress is the first one she used for Scherezhade. I think this might be the Good Will Games in Australia?

    Or did she use this costume at Skate America too? That would make sense that someone else was sitting with her because she no longer had Frank Carroll. Probably one of the USFSA Team members.

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    I think it is from Skate America in Colorado Springs a few years ago. I kind of remember at the time someone sat with her as it was just after she quit with Frank and I think the background was like that. (I was there)

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    I'm not even a Kwan fan, but I know that was 2001 Skate America. I believe she only wore that dress once. I don't know who that is with her. I'm guessing a USFSA person too. I don't think I have this on tape. They might have said who that is during the broadcast.

    At the Goodwill Games she wore a different dress. It might have been black or deep burgundy. Drawing a blank here, but I know it wasn't this dress. I didn't like this one. I liked the first thing she wore at GWG (even though I can't remember it).

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    I can only guess it was her third grade elementary school teacher who many oscar winners always acknowledge in their acceptance speeches.


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    I remember hearing during the broadcast that it was a USFSA rep.

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    I noticed at this years nationals after both the short and long programs Michelle hugged a guy with ear phones on. After her long she just touched his arm. I have seen him before but was wondering if anyone knows who he is. For those of you who taped Nationals, he is on her right side as she walked off the ice.


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