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Thread: US women counting on 1-2-3 (Wash. Post)

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    US women counting on 1-2-3 (Wash. Post)

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    When I finished this article i went " " about three different times.

    Thanks for the link, realistic!

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    Re: US women counting on 1-2-3 (Wash. Post)

    "We're totally nice." There ya go, ladies!


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    Guest should see the post I left

    I especially like the comment from Michelle Kwan...I want to be on top and the other skaters to be second and third...

    And, I love Cohen's remarks as well. Friendly but not friends.

    Now, I'll just sit back and hum a few bars, that's eat a few bars....:rollin:

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    Re: should see the post I left

    One side of me really wanted Slutskaya to be in DC, because all this talk about USA ladies podium sweep would've just been that..all talk. The other girls are totally being ignored. No one should count out Elena Sokolova. She did beat our reigning world champion and i'm sure she can beat all the other girls if she comes prepared.
    What about our reigning world bronze medalist, she is competing after all. I expect her to up her game and give them challenge.

    Back when the US ladies first swept the podium, they're only international and cosistent challenge came from Ito, who was considered the best in the world at that time. So her withdrawal made it certain that the US ladies were going to sweep the podium. In DC, Slutskaya was considered one of the favorite to win the title, but there is fumie/yoshie/Elena/Vika who are all medal contenders and on any give day can give the US ladies a run for their money.

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: should see the post I left

    That article is fantastic. Go Michelle, Sarah and Sasha!

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    Re: Michelle -- gone pro?

    Of course I'm rooting for my teammates -- to finish second and third! :lol:

    So Michelle is having trouble motivating herself for Worlds. Hmm. If the world championship competiton does not by itself provide sufficient motivation for an amateur athlete, I wonder what can?

    I think that there comes a time when you look back on your amateur career and say, well, that was fun, but if you think about it, competing for medals and trying to prove that you're better than the other guy -- that's kid stuff.

    Last year Michelle skated in all 84 Champions on Ice shows. She has a five year contract (I believe) with COI to continue with the show. She didn't really want to compete at all this year, but she was coerced into doing Skate America, and she did a few specials like the Hershey's event. Showing up at Nationals seemed almost like a lark.

    It will be interesting to me to see what she does next year. Will she just fool around all season doing a show here and a show there, then drop in to pick up her eighth U.S. title?


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    Ogre Mage

    Re: US women counting on 1-2-3 (Wash. Post)

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Back when the US ladies first swept the podium, they're only international and cosistent challenge came from Ito, who was considered the best in the world at that time. So her withdrawal made it certain that the US ladies were going to sweep the podium[/quote]

    Ito did not withdraw from 1991 Worlds. She accidentally jumped into the camera pit during her SP. This mistake was later dubbed as doing a "Midori." She immediately got back up and finished the program. The judges must have admired her tenacity in finishing the program. They put her in 3rd place after the short. But she apparently injured herself in the process and skated very poorly in the long.

    Off topic, I thought 1991 was a watershed for Kristi. I believe she has mentioned this herself in interviews. It was the year she began to pull away from the pack artistically. By 1992, the difference was quite noticeable.

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    Re: US women counting on 1-2-3 (Wash. Post)


    Thank you for clearing that up for me.

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    Re: US women counting on 1-2-3 (Wash. Post)

    Thanks for posting the aforementioned article <strong>kwansong999</strong> (it really made my day; no lie)!

    Not to tempt the skategods, but I really think that the Americans have a legitimate shot at sweeping the podium (btw my condolences to Irina & family).

    If they can all hold up and skate what each is capable of skating without errors, then I think it's more than possible that they can pull it off. BTW, this is their collective best shot at doing so........all three have the complete package, are strong, well-rounded, & really is now or never. Because I honestly do not see this opportunity arising again - at least not for a loooong time - not with such phenoms as Carolina Kostner & Miki Ando marking their first full season as seniors next season. Thus, I hope the Americans can make the most of this rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. JMHO.

    Peace & Love, Nadine

    P.S. I can just envision how beautiful all three of those flags would look (not saying which ones; do ya hear me skategods (;^). And I honestly do not care in what order, just as long as they all three make it (no lie).

    <em>"When God decided to create skateboarding, He said let there be Jay Adams." - Stacy Peralta (Original Dogtown USA Zephyr Team Member)</em>

    <img src=""/>

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    Re: US women counting on 1-2-3 (Wash. Post)

    Off-topic, but I take it you've seen the documentary, "Dog Town and Z-Boys," one of my favorites. Those guys were/are phenomenal.

    BTW, as Kwansong said in her post, Realistic is the one who provided the link to the article. Realistic posted it in the Worlds folder but it was so good, Kwansong posted it here so more people would see it.

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    Off-topic: Dog Town & Z-Boys

    Hey <strong>rgirl181</strong>,

    Yep, I saw it for the first time about a month ago & several times since then (thanks to my trusty VCR).........inspired me to get out my old blue 1970s skateboard and ride once again..........great exercise! (:^)

    I'm starting to appreciate it again, even though one of my childhood friends has been a professional skateboarder since we were kids (no lie). Now I can't wait till he gets back from Germany next month, so I can bombard him with a 1,000 questions about Jay Adams.......absolutely fell in love with him in that documentary.........hope that now that he's out on parole he can get his life straightened out.

    Peace & Love, Nadine

    Back on Topic: <strong>GOOOOOOOOOOOO MICHELLE, SASHA, SARAH!!!</strong>

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    Re: should see the post I left

    Excidra, didnt Ito participate at Worlds? Wasnt that the championship she slammed into the boards?

    editted to add: Sorry, i didnt notice that someone already corrected it.

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    Re: should see the post I left

    This is just what America needs. A great big boost to its red, white and blue ego. Rampant nationalism is not enough! We need to back it up with MOABs, "[Forbidden Topic reference] America" stickers, freedom fries and podium sweeps.

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    berthes ghost

    Re: should see the post I left

    IIRC, 91 was also the year that poor Midori crashed into Hubert during the warm-up. I beleive it was also the year that Surya "landed" her 4toe and then promptly fell on her face, putting herself out of medal contention.

    I agree that any country's boasting of a probable sweep is off-putting ( how many times have Russians predicted a sweep of all disciplines? :rolleyes: ) but I don't see any need to re-write history.

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    Skate Sandee

    Don't take it so seriously

    You can't take articles like this too seriously. I mean it would be nice to see all 3 on the podium. But c'mon - this is pure marketing at work here. It's no different than what was said about SLC. What better way to drum up interest than a newpaper who's city is hosting Worlds to publish an article about how the US ladies will sweep? It's just PR (although it DOES seem more likely than that same message that was being touted for SLC Olympics - again in the United States).

    I take stuff like this with a grain of salt. That said...GO MICHELLE! GO SARAH! GO SASHA!

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