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Thread: Article about the pain of skating

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    Article about the pain of skating

    Here's a decent article about the physical pain skaters go through for their sport.

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    Great article, thanks for sharing!

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    Not to take away from the pain of skating...

    .....I'm just trying to think of a physical sport that does NOT involve pain, especially at the elite level. Can anybody think of one?


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    I can speak from experience that skating hurts! When you fall (especially with us older folks) it really does hurt. The hardest fall I took recently was from doing a back three turn (yes just a little 3 turn). I fell straight down backwards on my hip/but/arm-ouch!! It hurt so bad I couldn't get up from the ice very fast. There are things that skaters wear (padding) that help with all the falling that goes on. Still skaters keep going back for more. Why? Because we love it

    Antilles-thanks for sharing the article

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    They all hurt

    The danger of the sharp blade is probably unique to the sport of figure skating. The danger of falling is not.

    Eventors (it's an equestrian sport that involves doing ballet with the horse on one day and tearing pell-mell cross country and jumping behemoth obstacles the next day) have all broken bones at one point.

    So, remember that part of the article that involved jumping off the top step? Put the step 5-6 feet in the air, make it move pretty quickly, then have the step catapalte you into the ground... that's a fall off a horse.

    So, not to make light of the pain or dedication of a figure skater. These elite athletes all deserve kudos. But pain is not unique to figure skating.


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