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Thread: Hockey fans watching Figure Skating...LOL

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    Thumbs up Hockey fans watching Figure Skating...LOL

    Here is an fun article about a man who fell in love with figure skating.

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    very cute, thanks for the link! What would Don Cherry say to this one

    But I just want to add all the guys in my Russian-born family love figure skating as much as hockey! And I don't think they are in the minority; FS is not seen as a girly sport in Russia.

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    It's very deceiving to see all of the pretty costumes and smiling faces. It's all you see when you watch Figure Skating as a casual sports fan. But when you actually step on the ice and learn to skate, you realize how tough it is.

    I'm still at odds as to whether to call it a sport or not, but it's still not an easy thing to do like a lot of other sports fans may think.

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    Thanks for the link, I enjoyed that!
    I'm proud that my hubby enjoys skating...he's not as fanatical as I, but he's interested and we share the enjoyment, which is very special.
    I bet there are a lot of "closet" figure skating guy fans out there!

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    Thank you for the link!

    On a personal note, my husband's another guy who really likes & appreciates figure skating. He may not follow it to the degree that I do, but he does watch many of the copmpetitions & shows. He was the one who suggested that we order tickets for 1998 US Nationals (Philly) & 2003 Worlds (Washington, DC) a year in advance. I've sort of got him "trained" to take pictures (mostly digital at this point) at the shows & competitions we attend.
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    While I'm a huge fan of figure skating, my hubby is the opposite. He always gets exasperated whenever I tell him I'm watching figure skating. But I'm hoping I can somehow get him to like it a little

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