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Thread: Hooray for my first job offer!!!

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    Hooray for my first job offer!!!

    Well the skirt or pants debate led to a really successful interview, and eventually a job offer! I have a few days to think about it, and I'm not sure if I will accept it... but it sure feels nice to get my first offer for a grown up job. I have a few other options up in the air that I should know about by the end of next week, but I still dont feel like I have found "the one" yet. But a job isnt like a marraige, I can look for mr right now instead of mr right when it comes to employment.

    So excited!!!

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    Wow, congrats!!! As to the decision of taking or not taking it, consider this. If you do not take this job, you may end up feeling pressure to find something, anything, whatever. If, however, you take it, you can continue to look for really that perfect position. Another thing to consider for your first job is how it will look on your resume. If it's a well known reputable company, it's better to take this job even if it's not your dream one that one at a start up that noone has ever heard od.

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    Congrats Liz!!!!

    That is SO exciting! Of course as Ptichka pointed out, sometimes a "right now job" acceptance depends on your near term budget. I also agree with the point that if the company is well known, that can be a resume builder for the future.

    I would register a caution about taking the first thing that comes along knowing you intend to continue looking for something else in the short term. Resume building is VERY important through the early years of your career, and an acceptable longevity with a company is important. One of the first things managers look for on resumes once you are down the road a piece with your adult jobs is evidence of "job hopping." Different industries seem to have different tolerance levels for what they consider job hopping. I'm in the computer field, and when I used to hire sales people I liked to see job durations of at LEAST 2 years at a company. (although different positions with the same company are OK)

    I'm sure most of us have had the odd occassion where we make a mistake, and end up with a short term job on the resume. But too many short term jobs are a big red flag. They make a hiring manager wonder if you jump ship the minute things get a little difficult. Or they wonder if you a just a poor performer. the degree your budget can handle it, I'd try to accept something that you are pretty sure can work out for at least a year or two.

    Just my 2 cents - BEST WISHES!!!


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    Congratulations, just

    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Kwan
    Work hard, have fun and be yourself

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    Congrats, Liz, on your job offer! I hope you have to weigh more than one option...the choice is agonizing, but it's a good kind of agony (if that's possible?) Twice, I've had to choose between two offers, and even though I wound up hating one of them, I still would've chosen the job again. Fabulous learning experience.

    This last time I had to pick between two? I am *positive* I made the right choice. Best of luck to you.

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    Great news, Liz. Good point made about not being too quick to "job hop." Employers like to see that prospective employees have staying power, at least for two years or so. Good jobs seem to be far and few between these days, so good luck on your decision. I'd like to think the GSers here had a little to do with it, if for nothing more than moral support. 42

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    That's cool, Liz. Way to go.
    Quote Originally Posted by rtureck
    Congratulations, just

    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Kwan
    Work hard, have fun and be yourself


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