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Thread: Regarding Irina and COI.

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    Regarding Irina and COI.

    People are wondering if Irina is going to skate with COI since she with-drew from worlds.
    Irina signed a contract(don't know for how many years) with COI and she has to fulfill that agreement. I don't know if Mr Collins is going to allow Irina to stay in Russia if her mother's case continues to be serious. But i'll give Mr Collins the benefit of doubt and say that he will probably let Irina stay home to be with her mother.

    Personally I want her to skate with COI. I have never seen her live and I was thinking about buying tickets to COI to see her. But forgive me, that is my selfish side speaking.

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    berthes ghost

    Re: Regarding Irina and COI.

    I'm stunned!

    Seeing Irina live is THE best thing about Irina. None of the things that truely make Irina a cut above are evident on TV.

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    Skate Sandee


    While contracts are usually binding, Collins doesn't strike me as heartless. If Irina's Mom gets worse (God forbid), I can't see Collins insisting Irina do the WHOLE tour. Unlike SOI, many skaters come and go during the COI summer tour. I have tickets for an April show, and while I too am selfishly hoping Irina will be there because I've never seen her skate live, family is WAY more important.

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    Re: Regarding Irina and COI.

    ITA, Berthe's Ghost, and I couldn't put it any better myself about seeing Irina live. I hope Irina's mother recovers and that Irina is able to get herself in shape for tour (wouldn't be the same seeing an out-of-shape or distracted Irina). These contract tend to have illness/family crisis clauses. And like Skate Sandee said, Tom Collins isn't heartless. If Irina's mother recovers or stabilizes, my guess is we will see Irina with COI, though perhaps not during the first month or so. I don't know what the health insurance situation is in Russia. Irina may need to earn the money to pay for her mother's medical bills. Anybody know what the deal is in Russia with health care costs?

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    Re: Regarding Irina and COI.

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Seeing Irina live is THE best thing about Irina. None of the things that truely make Irina a cut above are evident on TV.[/quote]
    Berthes Ghost, you are so right about that. I saw Irina last year at COI and she was terrific.


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    Garden Kitty


    I'm sure Collins would accomodate a personal emergency like this, especially since she's always been very loyal and reliable on the tour. However, I recall Irina paid for her father's surgery recently and she may be paying a portion of her mother's costs. If so, she may want the money from the COI tour to help defray the expenses. I'm sure it would be a difficult decision for her, and that ulitmately she'll decide what is in her family's best interest and the people around her will accomodate her choices.

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    Re: Irina

    Legally speaking, you cannot enforce a contract requiring someone to work for you no matter what that person may have signed or promised. If he or she reneges, all you can do is sue for financial damages.

    Of course, in this case it's not about the law. I am sure that the Collins tour will allow Irina to do whatever she feels she needs to, and will welcome her back with open arms.

    BTW, seeing Irina skate live, rather that on TV, is worth the price of admission to COI right there.


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    Show 42

    Re: Regarding Irina and COI.

    ..........Excidra, I've seen Irina skate live twice, and she is wonderful, much faster in person than one could imagine. She is a crowd pleaser and will be missed if she's unable to skate on the tour this year........42

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    Skate Sandee

    Irina is skating in COI

    FSU is in lockdown mode for non-registered readers during Worlds, but there is a translated article of an Irina interview. It mainly talks about how she wants to be close to her mother at this critical juncture, doesn't intend to stop skating because she's supporting two families and needs to pay for her mom's medical expenses. She specifically says that she is leaving in a few weeks to do the COI tour.

    So while her heart may not be 100% in it given her concerns at home, Irina intends to skate at COI. (Which I imagine is mostly so she can make the money she needs to pay for the medical bills). That's quite a dilemma for her and no doubt she won't feel 100%. So I hope the crowds go nuts to try to lift her spirits!

    I'm going to make the best sign I can letting her know we wish her and her mom the best!

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