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Thread: Buttle Fans please read! Scrapbook for Jeff!

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    Buttle Fans please read! Scrapbook for Jeff!

    Admin...please move this to the appropriate area if this isn't the right place for this posting.

    I've been thinking of this idea for some time now, and, with the recent results from the 2005 Canadians in London, I think now is the time! I discussed with Lisa (the lady who runs Jeff's official website) and she thought it would be a great idea and something Jeff would appreciate for many years to come.

    I want to compile a scrapbook for Jeff, commemorating his win at the Nationals, and the reason I am posting here is because....I need your help! A scrapbook from me would be nice, but boring. A scrapbook from all his caring fans? Something to remember forever!

    I'm looking for people that want to contribute and send their well wishes to Jeff. The book is going to focus on Jeff's win, so you can send photos from Nationals, newspaper clippings, personal stories, letters or cards. Anything you want to congratulate and send best wishes! Of course, there is a catch, you need to answer a couple simple questions for me before we can proceed.

    1. 8x10 album or 12x12 album? What color?
    2. Would you prefer to make your own page and send it or just send something to be included?
    3. Do you want to contribute or do you think this is a dumb idea?

    This would be so awesome if we can get a ton of responses and make this a great book of memories for Jeff! I'm willing to buy the album and embellishments (stickers, trim, etc.) and provide postage to get the scrapbook to it's destination. Lisa is willing to help make sure it gets into Jeff's hands so that we know he recieves it! Everyone that contributes will be credited in the book.

    Just some FYI - I've been scrapbooking for just over a year, my mom a bit longer than me and my cousin is a Creative Memories consultant. I have tons of scrapbooking supplies already on hand and have access to much more. I've created books for some other faves of mine in past years. I only wish I had taken pics of them to show and to have, they turned out, IMHO, very well. I won't make that mistake with this one!

    I'd like everyone's input by February 7th. At that time we'll set a date for contributions. I'm thinking by the end of February. Please email me at to confirm participation and with your answers to the questions. Thanks in advance!


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    Please email me if interested!

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    bumping up one last time..let me know if you are interested!

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