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Thread: The Dorothy Hamill 'Do

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    When I grew up, all girls worn there hair straight, long, parted in the middle. Susan Dey from The Partridge Family comes to mind as an example of this do.

    Sadly, if you didn't have straight hair, you were subject to a certain degree of not-nice comments. The yearbook staff put "Known for her frizzy hair" next to my picture. I did not buy the book.

    One nice thing about today's styles is that there is no designated style. You can wear it long, you can wear it short, you can wear it curly, you can wear it straight. Choose the style that most compliments your face and that works for your lifestyle.


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    Re: Hair

    I too had to the Dorothy 'Do. However, it wasn't such a hit with my mom. I was living with my dad at the time and had hair down the middle of my back. My dad was really tired of taking care of it (all the brushing and tangles - ouch!), so I got the Dorothy 'Do (he loved it so much, I got two new dresses - which was a big deal for my dad, he hated to shop)When I went to visit my mom, she cried. I remember liking it at the time, but everyone had to make comments about it (kids are so cruel). I think I only have one picture of myself right after the fateful cut and it actually looked pretty good!

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    Re: The Dorothy Hamill 'Do

    [c]<font size=4><font color="#008060">I've always liked Beatle haircuts on women. An exception would be Elena Liashenko. She has an unusually long neck, and wearing her hair like that makes it look even longer.
    <img src="" Height=138 Width=242>

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    Re: The Dorothy Hamill 'Do

    Oh, yes. I had the Dorothy Do. Lurved it, too.

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    Lady Lutz

    Re: The Dorothy Hamill 'Do

    I took a fashion risk back in 1991 and had my hubby's cousin give me the Dorothy Hamill 'do. It was so easy to take care of and after having the BIG PERMED Hair of the 80's, I needed a change.

    And would you believe, I had people come up to me and ask who did my hair, because they wanted the same hair cut? YIKES! I thought I was the only insane one stuck in the 70's....

    It only lasted a year before I grew it out.

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    Re: The Dorothy Hamill 'Do

    :rolleyes: All I have to say is that you ladies are all so very young!!


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    Re: The Dorothy Hamill 'Do

    Fortunately, my mother was oblivious to trends in 1976 and I was not subjected to the Dorothy 'do. I wouldn't have let her cut it anyway. I had hair all the way down my back til 74 and then it was up to my neckline - modified pixie. I HATED it.

    Since then I've mostly had it to my shoulders or lower. I did have it bobbed to just above the shoulder for about 4 years. Typical straight black Chinese hair. Still only a few hidden strands of gray, but not as dark as before.

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    La Brum

    Re: The Dorothy Hamill 'Do

    In high school, most of us wore our hair straight and long
    with a center part. I kept mine like that until around '77
    when I impulsively cut it off neck-length, then went to the
    beauty-shop for the first and only time for damage-control.
    The beautician said she would give it the "mushroom" style.
    After 3 days I decided I should have left it long. Now it is
    again long, but I no longer dare to appear in public with it
    loose because I look like a witch! In Houston you have to
    be able to get your hair off your neck, so I braid it and put
    it in a knot, though I sometimes consider cutting it all off
    1/2 inch long and wearing a fashionable beret.

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