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Thread: Torvill & Dean gushing thread

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    It doesn't seem like anyone has ever really been able to fill their shoes. I sure wish I had their 84 Olympic performance on tape.

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    Path to Perfection, a compilation of T&D competitive programs, including Bolero and their '84 Paso Doble is still available on

    If you like T&D but don't have any tapes of them, this is one to get.


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    Is the "Path to Perfection" the original programs? I have "The Artistry of Torvill and Dean". I like it but I would love to have the competitive skates on tape.

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    I just picked up the "Magic Memories on Ice" tape from eBay. It has the original competitive program on it. Beautiful!


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    Path to perfection is completely about T&D in contrast to Magic memories on ice which is about a lot of skaters... Depends on what you want.

    On Path to perfection is the Bolero from the Europeans 1984. I'm not sure which version is on Magic memories on ice (I think the Olympics, but not sure). Path to perfection also includes very early footage and: Mack and Mabel, Barnum on ice, Summertime, Capriccio espagnol.

    If you find a tape called "The very best of T&D" on eBay you get even more. This is a compilation which was made without the knowledge of T&D, but nevertheless... It's the whole Path to perfection PLUS Fire & ice PLUS the BBC (?) footage of the British nationals 1994 concerning Torvill & Dean.

    Fire & ice is a story on ice plus ballet dancers from 1986 - great.

    Another good deal would be "The story so far" which includes Bolero, several earlier things like Summertime, Barnum, Mack and Mabel and - other than on Path to perfection - a lot of pro routines by them.... (made in 1996).

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    The Path to Perfection tape was done as a preOlympics TV puff piece by the BBC, so I don't believe any of the performances are the Olympic ones. I believe the 1984 Paso Doble and Bolero are from Europeans. None of the performances are pro, because the program dates from before they were pro.

    However, one caution. If you are in the US, and do not have one of those universal format tape machines, some of the T&D tapes are available in VHS/PAL format only, which will not play in your standard US VHS format tape machine.

    Path to Perfection is available in the standard US format and PAL as well, so no matter where you are, you can get a copy that will play for you.

    Also, if you want the 1984 Olympics LP's of the other top 5 or 6 competitors, it can probably be obtained through tape trading. I have a Beta format copy.


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    Torvill and Dean were the epitome of what ice dance should be and can be. They were the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of ice dance and brought ice dance up to its highest standards. They left a legacy and set a quality of standard for other ice dancers to follow. Ice dance was never as popular a discipline to watch as freeskate; mainly because people find it hard to understand. Torvill and Dean brought a freshness to it and created programs that were exciting to watch. What I liked best about Torvill and Dean was their communication with each other and with the audience. They truly connected to the music and used every beat of music. My favorite programs were Mac and Mable, Barnum, and Bolero. Of course, their professional programs were all wonderful. I too liked Encounter, Missing, and Revoution as well as the hat routine. I saw them perform many times and what a thrill it was. They brought "magic" to the ice.

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    Torvill and Dean

    Living in Australia I had wonderful opportunities to see Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean perform many times. Their shows will never be equalled. I have seen over the years, them skate 21 times! They built an incredible fan base in this country. In the city where I live, Brisbane, a quarter of the population was estimated to go and see one of their shows!

    They were and are very special.
    Before I saw them skate, my exposure to skating was very limited to say the least - the same is true afterwards. I have travelled to the US already a few times to see skating shows, Stars on Ice, COI, etc. And now the Grand Prix Final this year!

    My favourite T and D program??? Mine is Akhnaten!!! Did anyone else see this incredible ensemble piece they did in the 1988 show??? It was amazing! Speed and power immense, but with real feeling. My other one is "I won't send Roses" - to see that performed was very special.
    I am very grateful to both skaters for igniting a passion in me that has enhanced my whole life - I have new friends and a passionate interest in a sport that is always moving ahead and has things to teach us all about life.

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    When Torvill and Dean arrived at Sarajevo to compete at the 1984
    Winter Olympics, the British press dubbed them "Their Greatnesses". Hardly surprising, as they were then three-time World champions and possessors of many, many perfect 6.0s for their outstanding competitive performances.

    I remember watching "Bolero", and I thought it was wonderful.
    However, T & D did limit themselves to one piece of music, and the music was, well, a bit repetitious. What I really liked was their original dance, in which Chris played the matador and Jayne was his cape. That number was superb!

    I saw Torvill and Dean at a performance of Ice Capades just prior to the 1988 Winter Olympics. The number featured a chess game.
    Jayne and Chris sat at one side of the rink for a few minutes, playing a make-believe game of chess, and then they took to the ice and skated around a number of chess figures. Very creative number.

    However, I believe that they justly received the bronze medal at the 1994 Olympics. Their long program, in my opinion, was pretty much a recycled collection of bits and pieces from some of their past competitive programs. The number could have been titled,
    "The best of Torvill and Dean". It was certainly skated well, but it wasn't their best number. Considering the competition, they needed to have, and they should have, gone back to the drawing board and come up with a brand new, fresh, creative number.
    Perhaps that would have won the day.

    Just my two cents, of course. Jayne and Chris certainly will be remembered as one of the finest ice dance teams of all time.

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    Torvill & Dean were my absolute favourites already before they won their first Worlds gold. Their "Bolero" was something which I will never forget and it is my all-time favourite ice dance programme. I really love that music, it affects me so much; takes me along and brings such a strong feeling of relaxation, LOL.

    In eighties I also liked Krisztina Regoczy & Andras Sallay very much, and also Moiseeva & Minenkov during their balletic era.


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