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Thread: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Best Moments - from what I recall

    <span style="color:navy;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:medium;">Here are some of those memorable moments.
    Michelle's "Romanza"
    Tara's reaction to winning Olympic gold
    Irina's "Victory" program
    Sasha's reaction to a clean Olympic short program
    Paul's "Miss Saigon"
    Irina's "Aguas de Invierno" program</span>

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    Re: Best Moments - from what I recall

    Michelle's FOG
    Michelle's Rachmaninoff
    Michelle's Michelle! *lolz*
    Michelle and her daddy holdin' hands in Salt Lake
    Alexei's Overcome
    Alexei's Alexei!
    Sale/Pelletier and Elena/Anton winning gold side by side

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    What is "memorable"?

    I tried to block out unpleasant scenes like Victor Kraatz throwing Shae-Lynn Bourne away along with the Olympic medal. I don't want to call it "memorable."

    Plushenko's Sex Bomb... I wish I had never seen anything as vulgar as that on a skating rink.

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    Re: What is "memorable"?

    Elvis Stokjo's 98' Olympic LP.....the look on his face is something I'll always remember

    Philippe Candeloro's Olympic LP in 98- that was one of the most enjoyable LP's I've have seen :D

    Sarah Hughes' LP in SLC..... the reaction on my friend's face after seeing her skate was priceless :lol:

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    Most memorable moments

    1. Michelle Kwan hitting her spiral in the Rachmaninov short program, Goodwill Games performance, 1998.

    2. Michelle's split falling leaf into a change-edge spread eagle, East of Eden, world pro-am, 1998.

    3. Michelle's footwork sequence, forward and backward spiral on one foot, East of Eden, world pro-am, 1998.

    4. The image of Michelle rounding the bend, bringing it home after her last jump in the Red Violin, world championship, 2000.

    5. The opening moments of the Red Violin exhibition, 1999 Worlds.

    6. Michelle's short program at Skate America 2002 -- the first time I saw Michelle compete live!

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    Re: Most memorable moments

    The ending pose of Sarah's Olympic LP, she looked like she was gonna burst! Robin screaming "I love you!" at her from the boards, and then the look on Sarah's face when she saw the marks. Really the whole program, she skated it with such joy.

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    Re: Most memorable moments

    I have to agree AY with Sex Bomb. For a World's Goldwinner exhibition peice that was way over the top. The funny part was watching Michelle and the other skater roll their eyes or laugh, just look embarrased! The muscle part of the costume was funny, but why why why the gold lame bikini? Was THAT Mishin's idea?

    Princess Leppard like knows!

    And Mathman, no one can ever say your not a 'one woman kinda guy'

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    Truth Hurts2

    Re: Most memorable moments

    i didn't think it was over the top at all. thought it was funny as hell and very unexpected from him of all the skaters... priceless and unforgettable. people still talk about 'sex bomb' whether it made a good impression on them or not. i believe he was playing a part that's really not in his nature yet he gave it a try and suceeded in pulling it off quite convincingly.

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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Most memorable moments

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-family:verdana;font-size:small;">Gotta go with TruthHurts, here. People, Sex Bomb was supposed to be <strong>FUNNY</strong>. You aren't supposed to take it seriously, for God's sake. It's a parody of a male stripper. Do I really have to explain this?

    And the first time I saw it, I thought it was sexy, funny and so completely unexpected. That's what Mishin was thinking...


    Laura </span>

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    Re: Most memorable moments

    Maybe he should've retired it before the 'woohoo' factor wore off, but I thought it was hilarious the first time I saw it!

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    Re: Most memorable moments

    My top 10 moments, in no particular order are:

    10. Rudy Galindo winning Nationals in 96
    9. Nicole Bobeck winning Nationals in 95
    8. Oksana Baiul winning the Worlds in 93
    7 Surya Bonaly's tantrum at Worlds 92 when she lost to a deserving Yuka Sato.
    6. Torville & Dean's Bolero at the Olympics in 84
    5. Michelle Kwan winning her first Worlds in 96
    4. Klimova & Ponomarenko's stunning freedance at the Olympics in 92, and the kiss they shared at the end just about melted the ice!
    3. Gordeeva & Grinkov's Olympic win in 88
    2. Gordeeva & Grinkov's short program at the Olympics in 94
    1. Midori Ito crashing into the boards at Worlds 90 (or was it (91?)

    Honorable mentions: Paul Wylie winning silver in 92, Chen Lu winning bronze in 98, and Kazakova & Dmitriev's first worlds. Oksana self distructed, but Artur was so cool about it. He just laughed and gave her a hug. What a guy!

    And for the Hall of Shame Awards, the judging at the 2003 World Dance competition, and Sandra Bezic & Scott Hamilton for their obviously biased commentating at the Olympics.

    Also, you can add me to the list of posters who thought "Sex Bomb" was a hoot! I mean it can't be Candeloro every time, right?

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    Re: Most memorable moments

    I may be inventing a memory here... someone please correct me if so.

    I seem to recall Isabell Brasseur skating with broken ribs at the same Tonya-Nancy Olympics... somehow it made an impression on me because there was so much fuss made about Nancy's knee, and the collision of Oksana and the other Tania, and here was someone doing lifts and throws with broken ribs.

    I also loved Elvis skating with his injury... forget what year - not just skating with an injury, but keeping it "secret" (or at least unpublicized) until he finished his program.

    And Todd dislocating his shoulder in the warmup, coming back to ? win?

    And of course Janet Lynn's sit-down spin - or more specifically, the way she just picked up and went on.

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    Re: Most memorable moments

    You're so right about the broken ribs.
    I think the year Elvis was injured must have been 98. I'm not sure.

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    Re: Most memorable moments

    Well, i agree Princess that Sex bomb was a memorable number. That's the point, it was supposed to be funny, but even corny Candelero couldn't really pull that off. My take is that plush fans just loved seeing him in tights and liked seeing the gold wrapped package! Funny my toukas!

    Just voyeurs you plushenknics!

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    Re: Most memorable moments

    Sex Bomb had me laughing the 1st time I saw it. Just had to show it to then-boyfriend, too.

    I'm enjoying this thread because it's prompted memories. I too recall Isabelle skating with cracked ribs. At the end of their LP, Loylld made a point of presenting her for additional applause by not bowing and clapping himself.

    To add to the memorable moments list, there's Surya's doing a backflip at Oly's right in front of the judges.

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