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Thread: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

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    Re: most memorable

    Torville and Dean's Paso Doble OSP, Ottawa 1984 World's with the audience on their feet for the entire program, and applauding for the entire second iteration.

    B&S's Lady Caliph short program at Oly's 2002 - my husband turned to me and said that he had never seen a better pair SP.

    Toller Cranston commentating on Europeans in Budapest for the dance, criticizing Usova and Zhulin's Middle Eastern belly dance number as being totally over the top and needing only lights and fountains to belong in an ice show (talk about the pot and the kettle) This was the first time I had ever seen them, maybe 1983?

    Brian Boitanos spiral and flying sit spin in Calgary 1988 and his expression when he finished his program-you could see that all his dreams had come true even before the marks came up, some how winning was secondary to skating his programs to the best of his abilities.

    Seeing S&P's Love Story program at Skate America for the very first time - amazing. The audience was in tears. Fall 1999.

    Rudi Galindo winning Nationals 1996-amazing program, an amazing performance of that program, and amazing drama to do it in his home time.

    Martini and Underhills winning LP at Ottawa 1984.

    Jill Watson and her partner previous to Oppegard doing a pancake lift and being pitched out of the rink in Ottawa. I thought she would die!

    Doug Ladret skating an entire season in a hockey helmet due to an injury.

    Michelle's Romanza (Worlds) and Lyra Angelica (Nationals)


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    Re: most memorable

    Martini & Underhill's performing Unchained Melody and then the someone announcing that the audience did not see 2 people on ice - thus announcing Underhill's pregnancy and their retirement.

    This performance amazed me with its sensuality. I surprised to find out that they weren't married to each other.

    It was also sad to hear when U&M returned to competition that one of the twins (so - yes, we actually had 4 people on the ice) had died in a swimming pool accident. I believe that Barb returned to the ice to seek solace from her grief.

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    Re: most memorable

    That was so sad. I don't think a person could ever get over something like that. And I really loved their skating.

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    Re: most memorable

    Thanks, Icenut, that was nice of you. I'm glad you got a chance to see IK at the Gala. There is a quality to his jumps--the ease and that floaty thing--that is just breathtaking. Never seen anybody else who has it. I was impressed with him from TV, but after seeing him live I felt as if I was watching a different skater.

    Lcp88 re JZ: You know, I was so agog at his physical beauty that I had a hard time enjoying the experience of talking to him:lol: Living in NY, you see stunningly beautiful people all the time, but JZ was exceptional even by NY model/actor standards. And you know what? It made me feel kind of bad for him. I didn't relate to him the way I normally would have because I was so distracted by his looks. Not that it was his big loss or anything:smokin: , but later when I was thinking about it, I thought about how we hear people who have amazing good looks talk about how being beautiful has a down side. Usually when I hear such things, I think, "Yeah, yeah. Gimme a violin," but experiencing it with someone who seemed very genuine and warm, like JZ, made me think about the reality of that down side. Don't worry, I'm not weeping for the woes of gorgeous people:rolleyes: , but I was just reminded that it's not always a ridiculous concept.

    Also, dpp, thanks for mentioning the way Brian reacted after his win in Calgary. I've always thought that the 10-20 seconds of facial expressions and body language he exhibited right as and after he finished his LP was one of the most emotionally revealing moments in sports ever. So many emotions crossed his face, from near-manic excitement to disbelief to tears to grateful joy and emotions I can't even describe. It was one of the most expressively "human" moments I've seen in sports and definitely one of the most memorable in skating.

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    Re: most memorable

    rgirl - This summer, I spent a few weeks in Lake Arrowhead, Ca, Where MK is now and Zimmerman used to be. ITA agree with you on the downside of beautiful thing. Everyone there who knew him just talked about how Hot he is, How cute he and Silvia look together, ect. No one commented on his skating/personality. I've befeifly talked to him once, and he really is a nice guy and a great skater. Of course, I couldn't keep my eyes off his face, and he even had is southern drawl on.:D Best cowboy at SOI!!! Of couse, Kyoko is another story...

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    Re: most memorable

    Thanks, Laura. I was hoping what I wrote didn't sound too whacked out.

    And as for "Of couse, Kyoko is another story..." :rollin: I hear ya!

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    -Midori and Tonya's 3 axels- stunning
    -Kerrigan vs Baiul in Lillihammer 1994
    -Battle of the Brians in Calgary 1988
    -Browning's Lp in Lillehammer
    -Chen vs Kwan in Edmonton 1996
    -Lipinski vs Kwan in Nagano 1998
    -Slutskaya's Lp at 00 GPF
    -Kulik's Lp in Nagano 1998
    -Sato vs Yamaguchi in the pro ranks
    -Boitano vs Browning in the pro ranks
    - Kwan's Lp in Nice 2000
    -Browning's LP in 1991 worlds
    -Chen's LP in Nagano 1998

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    Re: Memories

    On TV
    1. Watching as my all-time favourites John Curry (1976), Robin Cousins (1980) and Ilia Kulik in 1998 skated and won the gold medal in their respective Olympics
    2. G&G winning gold in 1988 Olympics
    3. T&D´s "Bolero" in 1984 Olympics
    4. Ilia Kulik´s skating in Hallmark Pro 2001
    5. Ilia Kulik´s "Liebestraume" from 1997 Japan Open
    6. Oksana Baiul´s White and Black Swan programmes from 1993-1994 season
    7. Candeloro´s "Godfather 1" from 1994 Olympics
    8. Battle of the Brians in 1988 Olympics
    9. Paul Wylie´s skating in 1992 Olympics
    10. G&P´s Oriental Dance performance from Europeans 1997

    1. Katia´s and Ilia´s "DiBolero" in SOI 1999-2000
    2. Ilia Kulik´s "Rockit" in SOI 2000-2001
    3. Plushenko´s "Bolero" in Finlandia Trophy 2000
    4. Cohen´s skating in Finlandia Trophy 2001
    5. Susanna Pöykiö in Finlandia Trophy 2002


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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    -Sergei Grinkov's death
    -Michelle Kwan's transformation that debuted with Salome in the '95-'96 season
    -When Tara Lipinksi skated with joy for the first time ever during her long program at the Olympics; that was her transforming moment
    -The shock of Tara beating Michelle for the gold medal at the Olympics

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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    What was the year that Midori crashed into the cameraman?


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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr> What was the year that Midori crashed into the cameraman?[/quote]

    I haven't seen it myself (unfortunately), but I've heard a lot about it - I think it was during 1991 Worlds SP. I believe she was setting up for a jump (the combination?) and ended up jumping out of the ice area and landing in the camera pit! Then she jumped back on without missing a beat. Apparently she also apologised to the cameraman after, even though he had been sticking his camera too far out, or something like that. Can anyone else (who's seen it) clarify some of that?

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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    I found videos of Midori's 3 Axel, the crash with the camerman and crashing into someone. On the site they are under video's.

    <a href="" target="top"></a>


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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    I think that I am going to put this years Nationals Men's long program in my "Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever" book. I hope I never see a competition like that again. What does it say for our US male skaters?


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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    I have to add MK's performances at this year's nationals. She had a fierceness to her performance that IMO exceeded all of her other performances. It was similar to her determination at 95 Worlds. While I think her 98 Nationals performances were exciting, it was because of the Joy. You could feel how happy she was to be back on the ice.

    Also memorable because Rgirl became a Kwaniac for a couple of days.

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