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Thread: Please post related threads in "Euros" Folder

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    Please post related threads in "Euros" Folder

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    Re: Please post related threads in "Euros" Folder

    Isn't it cool that ABC is televising both Europeans (even though there will be no skaters there of interest to most casual US fans) and the Grand Prix Final? Maybe we should all write in and thank them.


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    Re: Please post related threads in "Euros" Folder

    Uh, Mathman, ABC has been broadcasting Euros for since at least the '80s and the GPF since its inception8o Of course, I'm glad it makes you happy--it's great when it takes so little to make one so happy:lol: --but considering all that ABC/ESPN <strong>don't</strong> broadcast in terms of figure skating, I'm hardly ready to send them a "thank you" letter. Show more SPs, do more in-depth analysis ("Ice Moves" doesn't count), and don't relegate GP pairs and ice dancing to Lifetime on early Sunday mornings--then I'll think about sending ABC a thank you letter. I know, it could be worse, and like I said, I'm glad it made your day
    Mean Ol' Rgirl

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