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Thread: Best/worst skater's outfits

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    I liked Kurt in a white dinner jacket (Casablanca). His Firebird costume was very interesting.

    I didn't care for KW's costumes, but she can make a sack cloth bag look good!

    Plushy... ew
    Yags... indifferent, except the costumes tend to club you over the head with the theme.

    IS looks like she's always wearing torn/tattered clothes, maybe to look more flowing.

    Of course, up close these outfits look different

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    i don't like men's costumes either. they looked so outdated and too sparkled. as for women, i love irina's cowboy costume. it's refreshing to see women skate in pants.

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    Re: Best/worst skater's outfits

    If Europeans are supposed to have a totally atrocious sense of style as their skaters so ably display, then how come all the top fashionistas of the world are in Europe? Dolce and Gabanna, Versace, Chanel among others, most people would agree they're the pinnacle of fashion. Let's face it, the European skaters wear what they wear because they have no shame. Americans, with their proud Puritan traditions firmly in mind, teach children the joy of shame and the shame of joy at a very young age. Unfortunately, the art has been lost in Europe. Thus European skaters shamelessly display their mangled plumage.

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    Re: Best/worst skater's outfits

    What about Lobecheva/Averbuch (sp?)? I hate what they wear--fringes and feather-like things hanging off them, like they got themselves sticky and rolled around in remnants and feathers. As if that is not bad enough, they bring their hair into the mix!

    favorites: Michelle, B&S, some of Maria's, some of Naomi Langs, Bobek also had some beauties


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    Browning's costumes

    Hi ncsk8fan!!!

    KB's SP outfit from Lillehammer with the baggy orange harem!!!!

    Plushy (my Plushy!) wears a horrible get up to MJ for the SP...awful!

    Urmanov wearing the rather feminine Swan Lake get up---again...yikes!

    Klimkin---another fashion police 10 most wanted member....what are they thinking?

    Those are some disasters---think of any more?


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    Costume disasters

    Well AS-

    There are SO many...

    Czacko with the hand.... oi

    Tonya Harding in the lion tamer outfit that was two sizes too small.

    Lisa Ervin's brown thing...

    Anything in LIME green... ick

    OB's pepto pink feathers, sheesh!

    Misha Shmerkin... um... not exactly subtle.

    Candeloro's really lame sweat pants

    Brian Orser's Lion Sleeps Tonight... too over the top

    When Elvis skated this year during the GP, his costume looked like it had just come out of the suitcase, just as old and wrinkled as the program was!!

    Todd Eldredge always looks like he's clothed in draperies for his LP's.

    Surya's 92 Olympics outfit was SCARY...

    Just a few... given time, I could think of more!

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Please don't tempt me into another heckle-their-awful-outfits session. It's just too easy when it comes to skating.

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    Is that Plushy, looking postively UNDERSTATED? This is either a miracle or a sign of the imminent apocalypse.

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    Yagudin Disgraced

    I am a clothesline for the circus.

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    Raspberry donut

    Is the expression of pain on Irina Slutskaya's face from doing the silly-looking donut spin or from that pink/red outfit that clashes horribly with her skin tone?

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    y posting only bad looking pics? i thought this is BEST/WORST topic.

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Urmanov's costume with the necklace with the two large metal plates over his chest, looking like a cross dresser applying for a spot on the cover of 'Chicks in Chainmail'.
    (used in a pro number) is my all time winner for worst costume.

    Yag's costume, when he was still with Mishin that had him in feathers and a banana. It was an exhibition number.

    The half this and half that costume of Gags and Babs last year.

    Vanessa Gusmeroli's skin tight jungle fatigues costume

    Gwendal Peizerat's this year's LP costume with the rope running around it. Instead of looking like he was going to skate to something like Liberty, he actually looked like he was going to join Candeloro in his George of the Jungle number.

    Rudi Galindo's Brady Bunch costume-or is it a prop- when comes out with his head stuck through an array of Brady Bunch photos, like the opening of the show.

    There are indeed so many...


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    Jules Asner

    Re: Costume disasters

    AD1369 -- I think you're right -- When I'm walking down the street, I can usually spot Europeans coming a mile away due to their clothes -- I always wait till I get close to listen to them speak and hear if they have an accent and I would say my accuracy level is about 98%. I assume they can spot me a mile away in Europe as well!! I just can't help it, I'd rather see a man in a suit (a la Timothy Geobel in his American in Paris routine) than in a red cape (Urmanov). But that's just me.

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Most Original of Worlds 2002 SP:
    Dmitri Dmitreko's botanical tour de force

    as to Plush, I found Plushy's Carmen outfit at the Olys exhibition quite nice, given what he wore at the Worlds 2001, ahem, exhibition. *g*

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Oh ncsk8fan! You and Fetal have had me in stitches all morning. We did do some bad outfits---how about beautiful ones?

    Dorothy Hamill---always beautifully costumed. I love the "Romance" dress, and the "One Day in Time" pink dress with the beads on the back....

    Nicole Bobek---you know, the girl drives me nuts because she falls so often, but she is beautifully costumed too (except for the phoney Lee Press On Nails selection that make her look like she is about to shoot an adult video...). Her Russian Dances SP white dress is stunning.

    Kristi Yamaguchi's kimono outfit for Madame Butterfly and Tonya Kwiatkowski's Madame Butterfly outfit are wonderful. I even like the chop sticks in the bun look, even if it does kind of remind me of stereotactic brain surgery

    Jill Trenary wore pretty dresses. I like the Olympics red one and the 1989 Worlds dress with the snowflakes beaded into the bodice---lovely!

    Toller Cranston makes terrific skating dresses with the opposing colors on the skirts and ruffles, etc....anyone who wears them (Cadavy, Karen Preston) is well dressed.

    We could do men's costumes next!



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