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Thread: Best/worst skater's outfits

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Okay, IMO:

    1) Anything that looks like rags like Irina typically wears and one of Kyoko's ensembles this year is what I'd call a disaster.

    2) I believe it was Vanessa G. who wore some type of silver lame (s/p?) pants thing with ropes? I don't remember it exactly, but I remember it was AWEFUL.

    3) Dinev's costume this year.

    4) Any costume with a headdress and/or feathers.

    One that I did like - and I usually prefer understatement - is Rudy's costume that has pink and black striped pantaloons. Makes me smile whenever I see it


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    Re: Browning's costumes

    Hi AS - Do you think Mishin is involved with all these Russian outfits? There does seem to be some evidence that they are all designed by the same creator - part Tsarist, part Bolshevik.
    lol, Joe

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    Re: Best/worst skater's outfits

    I liked Yagudin's Nutrocker and Chopin costumes a lot. What I absolutely didn't like was his Broken Arrow costume. Most of the french skaters costumes are really strange, too (e.g. Frederic Dambier, Stanick Jeannette).


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    The tragedy of Michelle

    I asked my uber-fashion-gifted drag queen friend what this outfit was supposed to be, and he said, "Lacroix gone rancid." I know Michelle's kicking herself for not winning the Olympic gold twice in a row, but does she really have to punish herself like this?

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    Re: The tragedy of Michelle

    Well, I still love those shiny blue pants Kurt wore!!!

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    Re: Costume disasters

    LOL !!!
    Two I hated, Oksana's pink feathery LP dress from '94 and Irina's blue feathery thing from '95(?).
    I really hate when they have feathers on the costumes.
    Also, Elena B's white dress from GPF this year. It looked like a shroud.

    Like....Nicole's pink dress that she wore for a few numbers including "Somewhere in time". Her Olympic LP dress.
    MK's red SP dress from '95-'96.

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Oy2, I liked Elena's white dress. But not for this program because it distracts a bit from the program. For Lady Capliph I preferd the blue dresses of Lalique or the "white" ones from Olympics.

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Moher I think there were 2 different white dresses. The first one I saw, maybe at GWG?, was a pretty wedding gown kinda dress that was gorgeous. The one at GPF was very plain and it had lots of seams in it, like it had been sewn in strips. That's the one I didn't care for.

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    Re: Costume disasters

    I'm with you Oy2 - I hated Elena's white dress with all the seams. Yuck! Glad she got rid of it and went with the red dress at the Olympics. I think she wore the white one at the GP Final.

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Right Oy2, I mixed it up a bit, sorry. I was talking about the one from GWG and you about the one from the GPF which they also wore at the ARD Gala. Well I don't like that one that much but it's okay.
    I don't like most of Petrova & Tikhonovs cotumes. The one they wore today at Worlds was quite okay though.

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    Re: Costume disasters


    I have been racking my brain ever since I saw your picture of Michelle-what did she skate to wearing that get-up?


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    Re: Michelle's Costume

    <font color="#FF0000">[c]<font face="Comic Sans Ms"><font size=4>My guess would be that she was performing to selections from the original stage musical of "Grease." Meanwhile, here's an interesting snapshot of everybody's favorite fashion plate:
    <img src="" height=400 width=314 border=2>

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Fetal, I love the captions below the pictures......too cute.

    I don't like it when the pair skaters don't know, she wears pink and orange and he's in mauve and off-white. Get coordinated already. 42

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Hate Plushenko's costumes, esp. the GPF one, Urmanov's 20 foot cape, Kulik's vinyl giraffe shirt, Ivan Dinev...
    Yagudin's LP costume didn't bother me until a friend pointed out that the eye slits are over his breasts (she didn't even see the face) now I can't look at it without being disturbed by that.
    On the women's side I thought Irina looked like the Mother of the Bride in her frumpy LP costume.
    But nothing is worse than Maria's too small flesh tone LP costume from last season. Everytime her skirt flew up I thought I was seeing her naked butt.

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    Re: Costume disasters

    Please post more pictures! I LOVE this thread!

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