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Thread: Ladies Short - Notes

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    Ladies Short - Notes

    The following notes are copyright Golden Skate, please do not copy & paste them.

    Some of the skaters are missing parts of their marks, but I'm not going to fill them in now because the results are up on the event website

    GBR Jody Annandale Start 1
    Notes music Danse D'Amour / black with deep V in front & gloves / tango / nice high 2a / she's moving quite well / 3s turns 2t stayed on one foot for the turns though / layback is well centered with very good speed / change edge spiral started in beillman ended with leg in front / ftwrk 2l / fell going into flycam / O ftwrk flows well had a hard time with enough room hesitate at boards / combo spin then a flying cam so now I'm not sure what she fell on - it was a splat flat on her stomach - I had looked downfor a second / pb 35.22 / tes 16.23 tcs 15.04 ded

    AUS Phoebe Di Tommaso Start 2
    Notes white - sheet says music is Sea in the Moonlight but it sounds like swan lake to me - maybe a piece from it / 2z2t / flycam / ftwrk pause 3l that she stumbld out of / layback / 1a / strt steps move quite well & with music / spirals in O pattern / combo spin is good - centered & decent speed positions are usual ones but nicely done / pb/ tes 15.01 tcs 14.10 tot

    EST Elena Glebova Start 3
    Notes white stapless effect with cutouts / Liebestraum / a bit of chor to start and into a 3t2t / 3l no real ftwrk think rot but put free foot down very fast / combo spin / strt ftwrk is slow but fits music very well - nice phrasing / 2a / spirals are ok / flycam nice fly & good speed & extension / layback with foot to head centered & good speed / There's a very pleasant quality to her skating - delicate / pb 34.30 / tes 23.54 tcs 16.21 tot 39.75

    TPE Jocelyn Ho Start 4
    Notes black velvet with semi sheer shoulders & arms open back / Xotica, Quidam / bracket bracket 2a / 3s fell on hip / music picks up & strt steps move with music / flycam to very nice inside edge layout pos / ftwrk 2l pitched a bit forwad but hung on / layback is fast with pretty good pos / inside out spiral ends with foot to side / cam sit layback bcack cam sit upright - good except the back cam was very slow / pb 29.16 / tes 15.23 tcs 13.74 ded 1 tot 27.97 /

    THA Tammy Sutan Start 5
    Notes shades of pink & red in diag pattern / Libertango / 2a is high nice / 2z2t / layback is very good with multiple pos & arm variations & fast / spirals with change of edge in beillman pos / ftwrk into 2l / flycam with layover & inside edge / strt steps have some attitude into combo spin which is excellent / well skated program and she had quite good flow & expressed the music well/ a very happy young lady / pb / tes 21.62 tcs

    MEX Emily Naphal Start 6
    Notes black with gold sparkles / The Matrix / and the music isn't starting - lets try again / a bit of chor showing a very gluid body / 2a had it then fell right on beat of music / layback is very good very fast & good pos / 2z2t / combo spin almost lost cam but managed to get it back and into the sit ended with a beilman that was too slow / spirals with inside out in beillman pos / turns into 2l / O ftwrk moves pretty well with music but is on the scratchy side / fly cam to end / pb 29.50 / tes 17.91 tcs 14.22 ded 1 tot 31.13 /

    HUN Bianka Padar Start 7
    Notes music Moulin Rouge / red velvet with one sleeve & bra effect in black / music problem - again / starts out with chor & attitude / 3z both hands down 2t fell of edge & hands down / 3turns into 2l / flycam is ok good fly psin is a bit slow & needs more extension / O ftwrk consisted of mostly turns the same way not much variety / 2a / layback is ttravelling with soso pos / music is building a bit but only shows that's she's slowing down / combo spin to end / pb 37.64 / tes 18.69 tcs 14.12 tot 32.81

    ISR Tamar Katz Start 8
    Notes Romeo & Juliet / shades of purple & navy / she's moving very fast / 3l not sure about ftwrk into it / 3z lean both hands down / inside out spiral starts the seq / 2a / layback is just great with both arms to one side at one point / flycam to donut is fast & centred / strt ftwrk is cho9r to the music nicely / combo spin with fast beillman on both feet / pb 41.70 / tes 24.73 tcs 17.22

    SUI Cindy Carquillat Start 9
    Notes light pink / schindler's list / layback is fast but really travels and pos are weak / 2a reverse jumper / wild 2s turns 2t / flycam is ok / turns 2l / O ftwrk is ok flows with music / combo spin is also ok / spirls have good flow right into closing pose/ pb 37.35 / tes 16.25 tcs 17.09 tot 33.34 /

    UKR Ekaterina Proyda Start 10
    Notes deep maroon velvet / Pacifico / some chor to start / 3z2t very nice & high nice air pos / ftwrk pause 3l big smile on her face / sideways layback is fast good pos / spirals include very little stroking & she maintains speed / bailed into axel / flycam / strt steps are good / combo spin is very good on front bit slow on back / pb 46.00 / tes 23.04 tcs 17.80 tot 40.84 /

    POL Ilona Senderek Start 11
    Notes black sparkley bodice & string skirt / Bolero from moulin rouge / 2a pitched forard & very tight but held on / flycam great fly & centered spin bit slow though / 3t hand down 2t / sideways layback starts out with both arms on one side / she's really working the music / was that just a single loop not sure / combo spin has some great pos got a bit weak just before change of foot / O ftwrk is very good / again she used every bit of the music and whole body to express it / no it was 2l - from replay / pb 29.50 / tes 20.86 tcs 15.95 tot 36.81 /

    SWE Isabelle Nylander Start 12
    Notes shades of yellow & orange - shiny quite attractive / Cirque du soleil medley / turns into 3l / 3s turns out foot down 2t / almost fell on fly of fly cam but got it back / spirals with ehange of edge in beillman / 2a way short revs fell / layback is fast pos is weak / lots of stroking around to gain speed / strt steps only started about 1/3 across ice / combo spin is fast & centered / pb 41.97 / tes 16.87 tcs 17.72 ded 1 tot 33.59 /

    SWE Amanda Nylander Start 13
    Notes royal blue bathing suit style / 3s fell / 2a / music is kismet / flycam very nice pos speed is ok / inside out spiral bit up & down with the leg / turns into 3l step out / layback is fast centered with ok pos / O ftwrk is fast, flows well / combo spin iscentered & fast/ her general skating is very smooth / pb 39.35 / tes 19.52 tcs 18.26 ded 1 tot 36.78 /

    ITA Valentina Marchei Start 14
    Notes light peach / cinderella / 3z step out turns 2t / flycam to inside edge needs more fly on the jump / 2a is nice / lots of transitional moves / turns into 2l with hands overhead / layback ends with foot to head / spirals are ok with beillman pos / combo spin is centered / strt steps chor to music / she was moving very well across the ice throughout the program / pb 34.18 / tes 21.24 tcs 19.36 tot 40.60 /

    RUS Veronika Kropotina Start 15
    Notes the nutcracker / bright blue jacket effect over orange & white miliatary - band leader style / 3turns into 3l hung on / 3f2t not really pretty but clean / music is nutrocker / I missed a spin in there / 2a pitched forward but managed to hand on / layback is very fast good pos ending in beillman / spirals are ok / strt ftwrk is with music / combo spin is fast on front and ok on back / she didn't look so much happy as releived at the end / pb 46.82 / tes 26.93 tcs 18.92 tot 45.85 /

    SVK Radke Bartova Start 16
    Notes diagonal shades of dusty rose / Capriccio Espagnol / 3t2t / layback is travelling good speed & ok pos / strt steps are ok / 2a / spirals are ok as well / combo spin has nice twisted sit / turns 3l only part way around & both hands down / flycam good fly& pos spin a bit slow / pb 33.54 / tes 19.24 tcs 16.23 ded

    FRA Nadege Bobillier Start 17
    Notes deep red velvet / Edward Aux mains D'Argent (soundtrack / 3s2t / flycam nice speed & pos until inside edge when it slow way down / 2a had it then awkward step forward / steps 2l / spirals have nice extension / combo spin is ok / O steps are ok / layback to end is centered but pos are somewhat weak / pb / tes 20.37 tcs 16.95 tot 37.32 /

    USA Alissa Czisny Start 18
    Notes bright fushia with silver trim / The Mission soundtrack / 3z2t / layback is travelling but very nice pos & variations / turns into 3l / 2a / flycam to donut / spirals are high & extended ending in forward charlotte / O ftwrk is done as music is building again and matches very well / combo spin is fast & centered good pos / exellent skate / the whole US contingent with her coach is cheering madly and you should have seen the leap by her coach when she landed the axel / pb 50.20 / tes 30.05 tcs 22.86 tot 52.91 /

    FIN Kiira Korpi Start 19
    Notes royal blue at top & hem white around middle / nessun dorma / lutz didn't get off ice - bad pick / 3l is nice & high / combo spin with layback both front & back start out with arms behind back very ffective / strt steps are good / 2a / layback with foot to head is fast / she is skating to the music / inside out spiral bit of wobble on the 1st part / flycam has good extension spin bit slow / pb 50.43 / tes 21.40 tcs 22.53 tot 43.93 /

    GEO Elene Gedevanishvili Start 20
    Notes granada / fluorwscent red & black with gold trim / 2a / 3z2t / flycam big fly good spin to inside edge & donut / 3l prob 2ft pos short rot / spiral with change of edge with full side split / strt steps really move / fsat flat back layback with changes of pos / combo spin starts out slow but improves on back half / pb 46.65 / tes 28.19 tcs 20.23 tot 48.42 /

    USA Emily Hughes Start 21
    Notes periwinkle with silver sparkles one shoulder / aleegro by gershwin / 2a bit of a wobble on landing but big smile / 3z2t / turns 3l / it's poweful music and she does it justice / nice spread eagle / layback good speed gos from clasic to strt leg / inside out spiral seq ends in charlotte / flycam with good extension into illusion / strt steps go with music but maybe a bit simple - not quite sure / combo spin to end is very good / and she is grinning from ear to ear / pb / tes 28.01 tcs 23.41 tot

    CAN Amada Billings Start 22
    Notes bright yellow with a peacock on one side of her back - very effective / music is conga / a bit of chor at centre ice / 3z2t think the z was 2ft but rot / 3l not sure of the ftwrk into it / flycam to donut is good / spirals are ok & phrased with the music / layback from classic to foot to head / 2a both hands down / O ftwrk is chor with music bit slow tonight - think she was a bit deflated after the axel / combo spin is good / pb /

    USA Kimmie Meissner Start 23
    Notes shades of peach with bit of teal / Reverie by Debussy / 3z2t barely any rroom at the boards / some nice transitions & chor / 3l no ftwrk into it at all / layback is ok / inside out spiral is a bit wobbly at times / combo spin is fast & centred from stars/ 2a / diag steps are good & with music / flycam needs more fly good spin tough into illusion / pb 54.30 / tes 28.15 tcs 24.52 tot

    JPN Akiko Kitamura Start 24
    Notes deep red velvet with black accent on one side / capriccio espagnol / music starts with a bang literally / 3z fell out / layback is fast with change from classic to strt leg / 3l came out forward on 2 feet / flycam has wonderful pos with layover josee style / 2a / inside out spiral bit of wobble of blade on change / strt steps are with music stop in middle / combo spin is good except on Y pos when she almost fell out / she won't be very happy with that skate / pb 46.1 / tes 19.03 tcs

    JPN Aki Sawada Start 25
    Notes dark teal with black bands around one arm / caravan / right into layback classic going to sidewys / some chor / 3z bit forward on landing 2t / 3l bit wild fell out of landing / flycam is centered to donut but leg needs more extension / Japanese behind meare clapping with music as she does her strt steps / spirals are ok / she has nice expression / 2a bit tight & hung on to / combo spin travelled a bit sit went to inside edge / not the greatest jumpwise for her but it had good speed & expression throughout / pb 47.07 / tes 25.63 tcs 22.14 tot 47.77 /

    CAN Mira Leung Start 26
    Notes new costume!!!! bright yellow with one sleeve & asymetric white skirt - very nice & it fits / music is rive;rs and mountains / 2a landed with big smile right at me / 3z2t z is high no speed on landing but pulled off landing / layback is good maybe a bitslow / 3l / spirals are good / travelling 3s into camel to donut / O ftwrk is dynamic & mves well / combo spin is centered with beillman on both feet ending in foot to side of head that was slow / this is a new short program / on replay the loop was heated don't know if enough to lower it to a double / pb 44.78 / tes 22.85 tcs 20.37 tot 43.22 /

    RUS Lilia Biktagirova Start 27
    Notes hot pink tank top over navy pants with pink accents / 2a / Played a live / flycam to donut bit slow but good extension / 3z fell slid into boards pretty sure not fully rotated / I just missed somthing - the layback ? / strt steps are very slow but go with music / 3l bit shakey on landing / spirals have good flow and very definite & deep change of edge on backwards one in beillman / combo spin to end / pb 44.81 / tes 17.93 tcs 19.52

    JPN Mao Asada Start 28
    Notes off teh shoulder royal blue / The wizard of oz / 3z2l / then problem with a lce and she's over to the ref / here we go / 2a / some very nice chor into fly cam with laover then inside edge hop illusion very fast & lovely pos / O ftwrk is perfect with themusic / spirals are very nice / layback flat back to sideways then foot to head fast centered / 3l / combo spin with fast beillman / great skate / she's right with the music all the time and moves very fast / pb 57.91 / tes 33.26 tcs 26.85

    KOR Yu-Na Kim Start 29
    Notes shades of pale blue / Snow Storm by Sviridorov / huge 3z 2t / spiral has leg bobbing a bit on 1st pos rest are ok / 3l fell & slid into the boards with a bang / layback is flat back and one of the fastest I've seen / O ftwrk flows with music very well / flycam with lovely stretch to josee layover / 2a and a hint of a smile / combo spin includes twisted sit & Y / she's not very happy / she is very fast across the ice as well - has a nice lyrical feel / pb 51.27 / tes 25.53 tcs 24.14 ded 1 tot 48.67 /

    CHN Binshu Xu Start 30
    Notes forest green shading to lime at hem gold sparkles through out - very pretty with open back / One Summer's Day / 3z2t / 3l / fast layback from classic to strt leg then both arms to one side / inside out spiral to beillman then leg at side to standard / 2a/ flycam to inside edge / music builds for strt steps that move well with music / combo spin to end is good / pb 45.46 / tes 29.04 tcs 22.57 tot 51.61 /

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    Boy, I wish I were there. Thanks again, Rosaleen.

    Is it true that the scores from the qualifying round don't count in the final total, so it is just the short and the long programs that determine the winners?

    Mao Asada looks unbeatable. But a great result for all of the American ladies. Alissa Czysny! Thanks for capturing the emotion of the moment for us, Rosaleen.


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    Thanks again Rosaleen!

    Like Mathman I wish I were there with you!! But your reports are definitely the next best thing.

    MM, I too was confused about how Q-round scores were being treated. What I was told is that for some reason, the ISU decided it was too much to expect of Juniors to skate 3 consistent programs. Don't know if that's accurate or not. Maybe someone else knows more definitively why they are doing this different than Seniors.


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    Just saw a picture of Mira on the Skate Canada Junior Worlds Website. Her dress is beautiful! Yellow is definitely her colour. Much more improved since Canadians. Too bad she didn't have the great skate to match though...

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    Thank you for the awesome reports, Rosaleen!

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    Just looked at Skate Canada's photo page, which is really good by the way. From the front on shot that they used for the skaters, Mira's new dress looks so much like Amanda Billings dress.

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    Wow. Hurray for the winners, but hurray for Tammy Sutan, the first ever Thai skater!

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    I'll agree with that; sounds like a very impressive showing from a nation not known as a skating powerhouse.

    However, I have to inject one of my FUN FACTS:

    She's actually not Thailand's first figure skater. A lady named Charuda Upatham finished -- I think it was 29th, I don't feel like going through the scrapbooks to verify, my apartment is enough of a post-tornado zone as it is at the moment -- at the 89 Worlds. Then apparently she was never heard from again -- as was Thailand up until this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyCoop
    I'll agree with that; sounds like a very impressive showing from a nation not known as a skating powerhouse.

    However, I have to inject one of my FUN FACTS:

    She's actually not Thailand's first figure skater. A lady named Charuda Upatham finished -- I think it was 29th, I don't feel like going through the scrapbooks to verify, my apartment is enough of a post-tornado zone as it is at the moment -- at the 89 Worlds. Then apparently she was never heard from again -- as was Thailand up until this season.
    You're right, Jonnycoop. I went into skatabase, and there she was!

    I heard she was going to college at the time (College of the Holy Cross) and she just decided to finish school instead. Became an accountant, married a classmate, and now lives as Charuda Costello.

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    Mira's dress is lovely! I'm glad they found a color and fit that works really well for her!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisthingcalledlove
    Wow. Hurray for the winners, but hurray for Tammy Sutan, the first ever Thai skater!
    She was born and lives in the US and has competed at the national level this season.

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    miras dress

    wow excellent choice mira... the short dress is much better! now go eat your instant soup u devil u

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