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Thread: Jenny Kirk Is Looking Great

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    Thumbs up Jenny Kirk Is Looking Great

    I watched her practice for awhile today. Her combination Triple/Double toe loop is at just about 100% (she kept doing it over and over again to make sure). The Double Axel is looking good too.

    Evan Lysacek was also there (he stepped on to the ice just as I was leaving).

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    awesome! GO JENNY!

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    Maybe all of the U.S. ladies will peak at Worlds?

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    Thanks for the report! I'm happy to hear Jenny's practices are going well....Hope it carries thru to the competition! Go Jenny!

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    I think the results at 2005 Nationals was a wake up call for Jenny. Good for her, I wish her the best as well as Sasha and of course Michelle

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    I really hope Jenny has a good showing at Worlds - she really needs a boost of confidence right now. Regarding her combination, why do you think it is a 3/2? It was so consistent as a 3/3 last year.

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    Jenny Kirk is the most beautiful of the US Ladies at Worlds. I wish her well. It would be a surprise if she lands on the podium, much less the top. I hope she can pull off a medal.

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