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Thread: Did you guys try these before ?

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    Did you guys try these before ?

    They seems quite funny ....Did anyone try these b4....
    .i m interested in it~(the spinner and MAXIFLEX )
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    hi bowie, try to type your subjects with correct spelling, and not the 'net verbage that you did, ok? It just makes it easier to read, not everyone is up to date on what some of those 'words' mean

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    I've tried that metal spinner you're asking about. I found it really difficult to use because it stays in one spot. If your center isn't exactly inline with the center of the spinner, you can't spin very well. Also, if you drop a shoulder or get a little off balance, then you fall off because it doesn't travel with you like your blade moves on a traveling spin. I suppose it could train you to stay on center since the consequences are severe for being off balance.

    I'd recommend this Plastic Skate Spinner instead. It has a rocker on the bottom very similar to a blade. So it travels with you just like your spin would if you're off balance. I found it to feel much more realistic as well as more forgiving. It's also cheaper! I've had one for years and as long as you don't use it out on a rough concrete sidewalk, the rocker doesn't wear down much with use. It's much lighter than the metal spinner as well, so it's easy to throw in a bag when travelling.

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    Funny that you posted this. I having been meaning to purchase the stretch thingy.

    I have two spinners. One is a bowed piece of plastic that you find your center on and try to spin. the other is a round spinner with a base. I am equally bad and dangerous at both.

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    Just my opinion here; skate spinners make excellent bottoms to lazy susan trays. But the plastic one did seem easier than the deluxe model.

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    The only problem I had with spinners before is that sometimes you fall off and it can hurt pretty bad, especially when you land on your hip. As for that other stretcher thing, definitely get one of those! I have one of them and they can be used for a lot of exercises. Good luck!

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    I haven't used a spinner, but was thinking about purchasing the maxiflex. I'm not as flexible as I could be and need that extra help. A girl at our rink uses a spinner and she has awesome spins, but another awesome spinner doesn't use them-I think it's a personal preference thing.

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