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Thread: The 2005 Skate for the Cure

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    The 2005 Skate for the Cure

    On April 9th, 2005 the Rinks at Shelton (in Shelton, CT) will hold the 1st annual Skate for the Cure skating exhibition. Proceeds from the show will go to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

    The show, to be held at 8pm, will feature:

    Silvia Fontana--Olympian, World Competitor, Italian National Champion

    Jozef Sabovcik--Olympic Bronze Medalist, European Champion, Czechoslovkian National Champion

    Katie Orscher/Garrett Lucash--2005 US National Champions, World Competitors

    Shaun Rogers--2005 Junior World Team Member, 3-time US National Medalist

    Alyssa Stith--Member of the Ice Theater of New York

    Kim Navarro/ Josh Babb--8-time US National Ice Dancing Competitor and US National Team Member (Kim), Canadian Junior Champion and 7-time Canadian National Competitor (Josh).

    Adam Aronowitz--3-time US National Medalist, 5-time Sectional Medalist

    Kaitlyn Weaver and Charles Clavey--2005 Novice US National Ice Dancing Silver Medalists

    Megan Williams-Stewart--2005 US National Senior Ladies Competitor

    Katrina Hacker--2005 US National Novice Ladies Bronze Medalist, 2-time Eastern Sectional Medalist

    Sasha Lanser--2005 US Junior National Juvenile Girls Bronze Medalist

    Lenny Raney--US National Competitor, NACS Champion

    Leah Agler--2-Eastern Sectional Competitor, North Atlantic Regional Champion

    Daniel Innamorati--5-time US Junior National Competitor

    Jenny Erica--Eastern Sectional Competitor

    Aaron Vays--2-time North Atlantic Regional Competitor

    Christine Mozer--US Junior National Competitor

    Jazmyn Manzouri--Eastern Sectional Competitor

    Mila Kirstie C. Kulsa--North Atlantic Regional Medalist, FCS Champion

    Ksenia Makarova--2005 US Junior National Competitor

    Chloe Esposito--International Competitor

    Alyssa Curran--Eastern Sectional and Junior National Competitor

    Amy Goldstein--International Competitor

    Danielle Stewart--Regional Competitor

    MacCallie Petursson--Regional Competitor

    Brogan Kavanaugh--2005 US Junior National Competitor

    Rose Willard--Junior National Competitor, Regional Champion

    Skyliners Synchronized Skating Team--2-time National Competitors

    Philips is the official sponsor of Skate for the Cure. This event, sanctioned by US Figure Skating, will be hosted by the Laurel Ridge Figure Skating Club.

    Tickets: $10 for students, $20 for adults. There are also tickets available for the gala after the show featuring a dessert party with the skaters.

    For those seeking more information, visit

    To purchase tickets or make a donation, or access more information, e-mail

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    Thanks for the announcement, Skates. And welcome to golden Skate. I hope your event is successful.


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    sounds like it'll be a great show!

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