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Thread: Last Thursday, the Yearbook Staff at school asked questions and they asked me...

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    Last Thursday, the Yearbook Staff at school asked questions and they asked me...

    Who do you think is an ispiration of your life???

    and I had nothing to say but Michelle.

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    couldn't agree with you more

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    Okay, so Michelle is your isperation.

    But who is your inspiration? Hopefully someone more diverse than Michelle Kwan -- unless of course you're an aspiring Olympian.

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    Who is my inspiration? My mom. She is 87 years old and still active.

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    If someone asked me that I would have said Emanuel Sandhu because I look up to him not just because I want to be a pro skater person but because of who he is. He isn't afraid of things people say about him. But if it had to be a family member I would say my grandma.

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    I'm inspired by several people...

    skater: Scott Hamilton - how can he NOT be. With all he's been through and yet such a positive outlook on it all. amazing
    dream job/goal: Steven Spielberg. I aspire to be a director that is as talented and awesome as Spielberg...
    I'm also inspired by my friend John. He suffers(ok not really suffers but I couldn't think of another word, I am running on empty spring break next week, THANK GOD) from epilepsy and so now his life is taking him places he never dreamed. Some not what he wanted, but he is just sooooo positive about it. He's also deeply rooted in God and I am inspired by everything about him (and no he is not my crush... once upon a time maybe LOL)

    edited cuz my computer went wacky and send the message without me
    Also, Mr. Bob Summer. He was my 8th grade teacher, but he is so much more than just your everyday teacher. His latest bout with cancer really showed me hw much he means to me... thank God he's back and teaching up a storm... he's crazy, but in a good way
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