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Thread: Movin on up!

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    Movin on up!

    So after less than a month at my most recent job @ the daycare center, I found myself not feeling like I was being pushed or challenged in my role. I also did not feel like I was being treated like a professional, so I gave my notice.

    Karmically a new job opportunity presented itself last week, and just today I had my second interview and accepted it. Hooray! I'm now going to be working at the San Antonio Express-News coordinating one of their non profit groups called Newspapers in Education. I'm so excited, and I feel like a total grown up because I will now be working down town in a fun building and I'll have my own office.

    I dont start for 2 weeks, so i will get a little bit of a spring break for the last time in my life.
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    That's super, Liz! Sounds like a great opportunity!

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    Congratulations! That sounds great.
    Good luck!

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    Definitely a vertical career move! Congratulations to you!

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