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Thread: Es La Hora de Verdad

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    Es La Hora de Verdad

    The time has come for your final predictions. Just choose the WINNER with no Buts and Ifs.

    I'll bet $10.00 on SASHA (On a role, overdue)

    $ 5.00 on MICHAEL (It's do or die time)

    $ 2.00 on INOUE/BALDWIN (I just like them)

    $10.00 on LANG AND TCHERNYCHEV (SoooGoood)

    That's my <strong>final answer</strong>. What"s yours? Remember: Winners only in each category. Amount of bet (cookies ok if not dollars) shows how certain/uncertain you are.

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    Que divertido ...

    I agree with you Joe on all accounts except for dance - I'll put 5 cookies on Belbin and Agosto.

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    Ok, here's my bets:

    $10 on Michelle (I believe in her)
    $10 on Mike (He's hungry)
    $10 on Lang/Tchernychev (They're ready)
    $10 on Scott/Dulebohn (Having a great season)

    I can't wait!

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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">all righty, then...

    Michelle (14 reese's peanut butter cups) She's not going to let those young whippersnappers take away her title, I also don't know if Sasha can skate well under that much pressure...

    Matt (two peanut butter cups) Wishful thinking, I know, but I'm hoping artistry will win out over a jumping contest...

    I know zero about any of the US pairs and dance teams...


    Laura </span>

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    I'm going to gamble..

    Sarah Hughes - 20 hershey kisses
    Belbin/Agosto- 25 hershey kisses
    Matt Savoie - 10 hershey kisses
    last years' silver medalists pairs - 15 hershey kisses

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    Here's mine:

    1. Sasha C. - 10 snicker bars
    2. Matt S. - 3 snicker bars (I hope, I hope) Hopefully not a long shot. (Probably is)
    3. Lang & Tchernychev - 8 snicker bars
    4. Belbin & Agosto - 5 snicker bars (Can I say on this board that I am not really fond of their program?)


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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    I'll bet a beer on Sasha. She's on a roll. I'll bet another beer on Tim, he's the right man for this year. How about a bottle of champagne on Belbin and Agosto to edge out L/T. I love Naomi and Peter, but Ben and Tanith have really improved this year and everyone likes the Elvis program. Pairs, I'll bet a bottle of massengill that not one pair will be up to the standard that we've come to expect of our pair teams, much less the standard of the Chinese, Russians or Canadians. But for the fun of it, I'll bet on Kalesevitch & Parsom (is that how you spell your names?). I think they have the work ethic that you need to win.

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    Gotta bet on my favorite lady!
    Michelle--a dozen almond rocca's and I'll raise it 1lb box of See's Nuts and Chews!
    Michael--8 almond rocca's
    Kalesevitch/P...--6 almond rocca's
    Belbin/Agusto--10 almond rocca's


    PS--all this betting is giving me a sweet tooth:D

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    Joe I agree with you except for the dance-I'm going with Belbin & Agosto.

    Dance-Belbin & Agosto

    Do I have to bet $ on this?!!:smokin:

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    hey, nobody is voting for Sarah ?? Neither will I :-)))

    Ladies: SASHA - my plush dog
    Men: Mike - 5 white roses (I really hope for him, not for that jumping machine)
    Pairs: Inoue & Baldwin - 8 red roses (best pair for me in this season)
    Dance: Lang & Tchernychev (or however you write this name..) - 10 red roses, as the judges will stay conservative

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">For Gold:</span>
    <span style="color:teal;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">10 bowls of macaroni & cheese for Sasha</span>
    <span style="color:red;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">10 bowls of macaroni & cheese for Mike</span>
    <span style="color:green;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">7 bowls of macaroni & cheese for Scott & Dulebohn</span>
    <span style="colorurple;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">8 bowls of macaroni & cheese for Belbin & Agosto</span>

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    $20/Snickers or Michelle or Sasha(can't make up mind who)
    $10/Sinckers on Tim.
    $10/Snickers on Kalesavich and Parchem, but their comment that"Winning Gold at Nationals isn't as high on our list as placing in the top 10 at Worlds" scares me a bit
    $5/Snickers on Lang and Tcherychev, mainly because I love their programs and last year they couldn''t do the GP and still one, so I'm hoping the same for this year.
    GO SHAE AND VIC!!! And for nationals GO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    I am going to bet:

    1. $1,000,000.00 MK. She will win the LP and walking away with the title...of course... in always...
    2. $1,000,000.00 B&A will win. Belbin's beau(Fedor) did very well at Canadian nationals.
    3. $1,0000 Timmy. Yes...Timmy will show Michael Weiss the *fist*...
    4. I am not sure who to go for in pairs because I haven't seen anyone yet!

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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad


    I am not a betting person - and I like being surprised in figure skating. There are always surprises!


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    Re: Es La Hora de Verdad

    $10 Everlasting Gobstoppers on Michelle (I think she's got something up her sleeve)

    $10 Slugworth Sizzlers on Mike (I'd have said Tim before, but the fact that he's using last year's program isn't giving me confidence.)

    $10 Wonka Bars on Kalesavitch/Parchem (wild guess)

    $10 Lickable Wallpaper [with Snozberries] on Lang/Tchernyshev (or Belbin/Agosto)

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