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Thread: Pairs skating: Who was the first to do these elements?

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    Pairs skating: Who was the first to do these elements?

    Who was the first to do these pairs elements:

    1. double twist
    2. carrying lift
    3. overheard lift
    4. low level spiral
    5. death spiral(foward and outside)
    6. triple twist

    Also, if you live in Arizona and is a fan of pairs skating...specifically John Zimmerman :b go and buy tickets to this show. Hey, notice Ina's description of her partnership with John Zimmerman...:rollin !

    It is all about pairs:D :D :D :D :D

    Bluechick - who is so excited about the t.v networks paying more attention to pairs skating. Finally!!!

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    Re: Pairs skating

    The only one I remember is the first one. I believe that was Debbi Wilkes and her partner who's name I can't remember right now. I think it was Guy something or other.

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Pairs skating

    Guy Revell, it was.

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    Re: Pairs skating

    Hi Bleuchick....

    I know the answer to a couple of your questions, but not all.

    Double Twist - Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell
    Death Spiral - Wally Distelmayer and pard (can't remember her name)

    That is the best I can do..


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    Re: Pairs skating

    oops, i was wrong.... Wally Distelmayer and pard were first to do low level spiral... First to do death spiral was a german couple, can't remember names (they were either married or related as they had same last name)

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    Re: Pairs skating

    The German pair - could that have been Maxi Herber-Baier and Ernst Baier? They were quite famous in the 30's...

    Or does someone know when that first death spiral was?

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    Re: Pairs skating

    I know that the Protopopovs introduced the life spiral, which is the forward inside death spiral; cosmic spiral, and love spiral. Oleg's rationale in this was that it was wrong to have only one spiral with such a pessimistic name as "death".

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    Re: Pairs skating

    The Death Spiral was invented by Charlotte, the German show skater and actress.

    West Germany's Marika Kilius and Hans Jurgen and the Soviet Union's Ludmila and Oleg Protopopov were regarded as the greatest practitioners of the death spiral. The Protopopov's invented a variation using the inside foot instead of the outside foot.

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    Re: Pairs skating

    I thought a life spiral was a forward outside edge...

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    Kara Bear

    Re: Pairs skating

    On CTV this week, they were bragging about all the great Canadian pairs. I think they mentioned that it was a Cdn pair who did the first overhead lift..but i can't remember their names.

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    God forbid the Canadian announcers actually have the GALL to praise the efforts and accomplishments of Canadian Pairs skaters. What were they thinking!

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    Re: bragging

    Thanks for the information. Weheeee..the germans pairs skaters were also innovative. Oh my, I didn't know but good for Germany! I wish they come back and rule pairs skating again. Oh well...we have to wait and see.

    Back to pairs elements

    Yes, Debbie Wilkes and Guy Levell invented the double twist.
    You are not gonna believe it but Lloyd Eisler and Isabelle Brasseur invented the overheard lift. Yes, those Canadians that alot of people like calling non-artistic did something innovative.

    But who invented the triple twist.

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    Re: bragging

    Canadian pair skaters were the first to do the whine-until-we-get-gold move, unconventional, but it gets results! Viva Canada!

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    Re: overhead lift

    The overhead lift was invented by German solo and pairs skater Ernst Baier who was Pairs Champion of the World with Maxi Herber from 1936 to 1939.

    Brasseur & Eisler did however perform a triple lateral twist when none of the other pairs were doing them.

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    Re: Pairs skating: Who was the first to do these elements?

    CTV coverage mentioned all the different moves Canadian pair teams have contributed over the years and it is quite a list!

    Wally Distelmeyer and Suszanne Morrow did the first single handed death spiral which allowed the lady to get into the low position.

    Dafoe and Bowden did the first twist lift, throw jump, catch lift, pressure lift and another they called an Axel-under-the arms catch. Underhill and Martini later copied this move. Dafoe and Bowden did it first at the 1956 Olympics.

    Brasseur and Eisler are also credited with some daring and compicated lifts - that only they to this day perform.

    Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revel did the first double twist as mentioned.

    Canada has always been strong in the pairs discipline so it stands to reason Canadian pairs teams would contribute so much to figure skating over the years.


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