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Thread: NBC to broadcast 2010, 2012 games

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    News NBC to broadcast 2010, 2012 games

    This is somewhat "old news" as the article was written in 2003, but for those who may not know, NBC bought the rights to the 2010 and 2012 games after broadcasting the 2000,2002, and 2004 games. Its existing contract ends in 2008.
    LOS ANGELES ( - Olympics, meet your new television home, same as your old television home.

    For the first time in years, television rights to the Olympics were up for grabs and speculation was rampant about possible homes for the games, but in the end it was NBC that made the highest bid. For $2.2 billion, NBC will have the rights to the 2010 and '12 Olympics. The peacock network televised the three most recent Olympiads and already had the rights to the next three as well, through 2008.

    ABC, NBC and FOX handed in bids to the International Olympic Committee on Friday (June 6) and the decision came swiftly. CBS announced earlier in the week that it would not compete for the Olympic rights and a possible bid from Turner Broadcasting never materialized.

    The NBC was a 32 percent increase over previous Olympics deals. This bucked industry worries that a down economy and questions about the location of the games might drive bids down.

    "We hope it will herald the end of the spiral of downward sports [TV] rights," IOC President Jacques Rogge tells the AP.

    Vancouver, Salzburg and South Korea's Pyeongchang are the finalists for hosting the 2010 Winter Games. That decision will be made in July.

    The location of the 2012 Summer Games won't be determined officially until 2005, though a murderer's row of cities have launched bids, including Moscow, Paris, London, Madrid, New York, Havana and Leipzig.


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    Great Reddog! You will get a chance to see our ugly 2010 Olympic logo via NBC

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