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Thread: Bebe Liang

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    Bebe Liang

    Hi !

    I've never seen Bebe skating (as I'm living in Germany...), but it seems that she is good.

    Has anybody seen her live ? And does she have the potential to be a real champion ?

    Have a nice weekend,


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    berthes ghost

    Re: Bebe Liang

    I saw her live at the JGPF in the Hague last month.

    I believe that she does have what it takes to become a champion, in that she has good jumps, nice spins, lovely presentation, she has an A list coach and well choreographed programs to pleasant music.

    But, it's up to her to make all of that work!

    In Holland, she clearly won the SP but made several "stupid" mistake sin the LP to drop her form 1st to 4th. By "stupid" I mean that it was clear that she can do the jumps, but was just off emotionally and bothched things that she proably does beautifully in practice.

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    Re: Bebe Liang

    I believe Bebe is America's best kept secret. Indeed, she will be a champion.


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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Bebe Liang

    Good luck to Bebe! I hope she skates well.

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    Re: Bebe Liang

    Bebe works really, really hard and has a great attitude. She's working on a triple-triple, and she's improved her presentation a lot. Last time I saw her she was wearing a knee brace, she has to wear it when she practices now. It'll be interesting to see how she does at Nationals.

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    Re: Bebe Liang

    Thanks for your reply !

    So why does she wear a knee brace ?? Is she yet a bit injured ? Or is it just to take care ? I hope she won't get sort of a second NNN.

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    Re: Bebe Liang

    Expect more injuries as skating demands they learn more triple/triples and quads. Here's hoping Bebe manages to hold off the major injuries.

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    Re: Bebe Liang

    Maxell - Good point. there will be more accidents and at BeBe's age we may not get to see her in the 06 Olys. That would be a tragedy.


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    Re: Bebe Liang

    I think Bebe is great, but a lot will ride on how her body develops. She is still teeny tiny with a prepubescent body. If she develops gradually and without too much "out" like Michelle, she will have a good chance. If her body pulls an Oksana Baiul--not good. I haven't seen her parents. Does anybody know if her mother is especially petite? The injury factor makes predicting any future champions much more difficult than it used to be. As I think Maxell said, with all the 3/3s--even if they're not doing them in competition yet, they're practicing them--at younger and younger ages, we may see more of what I call the Naomi Nari Nam Syndrome: So good so young that the body can't take it. I think knowledgable people can predict talent to a certain extent, but I don't think anybody can predict whose body will be able to withstand the new technical demands of skating. I hope Liang does well. She's got great sparkle and verve and technically has all the goods.

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    Re: Bebe Liang

    I saw Bebe and her family at Nats last year, being very nice about posing for pictures with little skaters. They all seemed to be quite petite to me.

    (And to be a very nice family).

    Her skating at Boston the previous year which I saw only on TV seemed more impressive than in L.A.


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