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Thread: When did throw jumps become mandatory in the SP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soogar
    I would like it if in pairs and singles, they would make all the skaters perform double (easier) elements like compulsories. That really is the only way you can tell the skaters with the great technique apart from the skaters with the so so technique. Mandate doubles and certain spins and let the skater vary the entrances to raise the difficulty of the element and show off sureness of execution. Right now you see a lot of poorly executed triple lutzes being placed above ladies with beautiful triple flips and I think that's wrong (this is the ladies event).
    But soogar, nowadays, in the ladies' SP, one can't tell a lutz from a flip!

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    I agree with Soogar. I think technique is much more important than an extra air turn. If a skater or a team has excellent technique then it doesn't matter how acrobatic they make their program. A beautifully executed double lutz (no flip like lutz - I refuse to give it the name flutz) like all Dorothy Hamills jumps. Why is she so endearing? Because she is a beautiful skater with great technique.

    In pairs, the throw jump, however the number of air turns, can not be better than a rapport between the two skaters. Think B&S. They would look good with a throw waltz jump.

    There really isn't anything wrong in 'raising the bar' bu if it sacrifices the flow of the skating then it is wrong. I can not accept the struggle in getting to the Bielman position in spin or in spiral, especially if it is sloppy.

    Too much credit is given for attempted tricks in figure skating which one does not see in gymnastics or diving. In those sports, the scoring is commensurate to what the athlete actually accomplished.

    I can see gymnasts and divers being offered positions in Cirque du Soleil because of their technique. There is not one figure skater I would hire if I were a kingpin CdS.


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    I can think of one (and only one)-- Lucinda Ruh.

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