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Thread: Skating in Western Washington

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    Skating in Western Washington

    Does anyone have any advice on skating in western WA? My sister lives about 1-1.5 hrs north of Seattle and we are thinking about moving out there. I wondered if anyone knew anything about the rinks, coaches, etc. in the area. Thanks.

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    There is a rink at the Everett Events Center. COI has appeared there the past couple of years. There is also a hockey team, public skating, instructions, etc. Good luck.

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    Many skaters over the years who lived half way between Seattle and the Canadian border, have either gone south to skate in Lynwood or Seattle, or have headed north over the border to skate in White Rock or Richmond, B.C.

    Good clubs in both directions.

    Good Luck & Happy Skating!

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    I know I've never posted here but... I live in Woodinville, which is a bit north of Seattle. There are various rinks up here. There's one in Lynnwood, there's one in Mountlake Terrace... I think there's one up in Bellingham as well. All quite nice rinks, really. If you'd like to pm me feel free!

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    Hi, Dancing Princess. Welcome to Golden Skate!

    I'm from Spokane, myself, and I went to school at the U-dub.


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