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    <span style="colorurple;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">Notice that I didn't say "divas" with an "a". It's time to talk about the GUYS!</span>:D :rollin: :evil:

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    well, Rgal, you either read my post or my mind. Didn't I just post we needed a thread on divos? You should at least give me creative credit!

    Oh never mind, I'll just be your first post to say who I think is the biggest Divo

    Sexy Alexei

    Runner ups, His Plushishness,Urmanov, Boitano, Toller Cranston, Kulik, Kurt

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    Alexei is probably the biggest Divo, Followed by John Zimmerman, Phushenco, Kurt Browning, and maybe Scott, depending on the exact definition of Divo.

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    Alexei and Plushenko are the kings here, hands down! Their rivalry over the years has brought out the most divo side of them both, no doubt!

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    Depends on the definition. Are you talking about skaters who know they're great at what they do, or are you talking about skaters who are so full of ego they don't even SEE ordinary people like you or me? :rollin:

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    Ogre Mage

    Big Divos

    Yags and Plushy: their on ice rivalry was one big continuing devo catfight. Also, Plushy's style just screams divo.

    Christoper Bowman "The Showman": drug-snorting drama queen.

    Rudy Galindo: no comment.

    Alexei Urmanov: VERY flamboyant style. What was up with those costumes.

    Christopher Dean: He doesn't look like a divo, but he is really tempermental when he is working. He yelled at Jayne Torvill a lot while he was choreographing their "Face The Music" program for Lillehammer.

    Brian Boitano: Brian struck me as a perfectionistic kind of divo, sort of like how Barbara Streisand would record a vocal over and over until it was exactly the way she wanted.

    Michael Weiss seems kind of full of himself and probably could be considered a divo.

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    Re: Big Divos

    Terisalyn wrote:

    Depends on the definition. Are you talking about skaters who know they're great at what they do, or are you talking about skaters who are so full of ego they don't even SEE ordinary people like you or me?

    when I think of DIVO(if there is such a word), I think of

    skaters who are so full of ego they don't even SEE ordinary people like you or me?

    Out of respect, I won't name names...

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    Re: Big Divos

    Open the dictionary. Under the heading 'divo' - no words, just two photos. Airbrushed, retouched, glossy, 8"x10" of Emanuel Sandhu and Toller Cranston.

    At least in MY dictionary.

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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Big Divos

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:verdana;font-size:x-small;">If y'all are defining "divo" in a negative way, in that it's someone full of themself, then Evgeni does NOT fit at all. He is amazingly polite and well mannered, and even when some fans got out of line, he was still very polite to them. The only time he wasn't, it was because a fan who had been pestering him incessantly asked an amazingly inappropriate question, and all he did then was turn away. (I witnessed this at the reception desk. He was trying to get a roll of tape, I was changing rooms for the third time...)

    His costumes, I realize, may scream "divo" occasionally, but I think anyone who's been coached by Mishin is going to dress flamboyantly. And thank God for that...


    Laura </span>

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    I would have to agree with Laura/Princess Leppard
    on this one - Plush SEEMS like he WOULD be a Divo,
    but in actuality, a doll - and "real".

    Yah-Gudin would probably take the 2002/2003 Divo
    of the Season award - Tatiana's been training him
    well in the art of press conferencing drama, media
    manipulation, and pretty posing. Soon, he may
    completely morph into the only straight queen in
    figure skating.


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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Divo-boys

    :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">That just made my morning.

    Laura </span>

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    Re: Divo-boys

    The Straight Queen!!! ROFLMAO!!

    I would have to say that Brian Boitano fits my best interpretation of a Divo......He's got the talent and the temperament that best exemplifies this. I think that stems from the fact that he sets incredibly high standards for himself, and at the same time, he expects others to live up to this level as well. My sister, who is a ballet dancer, is very much the same way, and when she feels others (especially those she works closely with) are falling short, the Diva temperament kicks into hyperdrive. This diva-dom, for lack of a better word, is done not so much for purely ego-gratification, but is rather challenged in a way that, if effective, has a mostly positive all-around effect.

    On the flip side, there is the Divo that looks out strictly for himself and his ego, often resorts to lambasting others to build oneself up, and so often seems to have a double-edged superiority/inferiority complex. Off the top of my head, I cannot really think of a good example of this in skating; I'm sure one exists - I just haven't had enough caffeine yet to think, plus I'm catching up on a week of missed posts (gosh it's great to be back!! :D )

    Back when I'm more caught up and can put more thought into this. Great topic!

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    Re: Divo-boys

    Uh Laura, (Princess Leppard) do we need to talk?????


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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Divo-boys

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">Dee, sweetie, I know I said I'd look out for your boy while you were away, but that was TOO FUNNY! I almost spit my latte all over the keyboard.

    I sent you an email.

    Laura </span>

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    Re: Divo-boys

    :rollin: :rollin: :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:
    anywhoo, I think Brian Boitano definatly is a divo, along with Alexei and who ever else i said before. He just has something about him. Same with what i've seen/read of Toller Cranston. He seems kinda divo-ish. So Katerina Witt has her DivA show, whens Brian or Alexei gonna come up with a DivO show?

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