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Thread: Oksana Baiul and Tikva

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    Oksana Baiul and Tikva

    I read in the current Blades On Ice magazine about Oksana Baiul's involvement with Tikva ,an organization to help Jewish Ukranian orphans.How interesting,she's a board member.

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    Interesting indeed. The impression I get of Oksana is that she has a really big heart; it's just that she is always thrown all over the place. It has been in the news that when she got re-united with her father, she found out that she was 1/4 Jewish; since the quater is on the mother's side, she's consider Jewish by Jewish laws. Put this together with the fact that she is an orphan, and you can see how she'd be attracted to Tikva.

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    That is so nice of her. I can see that she must easialy relate to them.
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