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Thread: La Kwan?

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    Re: Nicknames galore

    Maybe you need to get a life?

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    Re: Divas on Ice

    Sasha has years to be considered a diva. I have not heard the lakwan yet.

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    Re: Nicknames galore

    I love it! But I must make a minor correction: It's "A Fish Called Wanda," which would make it "A Fish Kalled Kwanda." The alliteration is much stronger than in "A Fish Named Kwanda."

    Catch Me if You Kwan
    Kwans of New York
    Confessions of a Dangerous Kwan
    Night of the Living Kwan
    Kwan, the Beloved Country
    Dances With Kwan
    The Kwan of Music
    Being John Malkwanvich
    Kwansford Park
    Kwan of the Jungle
    Kwandom Come
    I Am Kwan
    Lara Kwan: Tomb Raider
    With a Kwan in My Heart
    Kwan of the Rings
    Lord of the Kwan
    Scott Kwanilton
    Kurt Kwaning
    Ilia Kwanik
    Tom Brokwan
    David Letterkwan
    Anna Nikwan Smith
    The Oskwans
    JKwan and Ben Affkwan
    ...okwan, I mean, okay, sorry I got kwannied away...:D

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    Re: Nicknames galore

    And then there's those old nostalgic standards... who can ever forget the velvet tones of Johnny Mathis' "Kwanderful, Kwanderful"; the lyrical strings of Mancini's "Kwan River"; or my personal faves, "I Kwanna Hold Your Hand" or "Kwan You Wish Upon a Star."

    But WAIT! That's not all! Order now and we'll throw in Michelle's popular new video, The Art of Tai Kwan - DOH! Operators are standing by.

    (I'm GS member #949.5 :smokin: )

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