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Thread: Thing that I have noticed about this site and Sasha Cohen

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    Well, I don't hate Sasha. I think she is a gifted skater.

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    I do not care for Sasha. But I don't bash, and I don't post about "hating" the poor girl. I think very few people do.

    As someone said, perhaps some of the negative emotions about a certain skater is feeling that they do not live up to their potential. I don't know, but it could be the case for some fans of Sasha.

    And as someone else said, even the skaters I do not like, I can usually like something about them. I think Sasha has a lot of talent and gorgeous flexibility/positions. That doesn't erase the fact that her skating leaves me cold. But I certainly don't think that because I feel a certain way everyone else should also.

    I'm glad that you clarified your initial, rather generalized post, and realize that people normally discuss all skaters here with respect.


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