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Thread: Will they make pro competitions for Michelle?

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    Question Will they make pro competitions for Michelle?

    I really hope that our pro skaters will have more competitions in the future. If Michelle and Irina go pro after the Olympics, do you think they will create competitions for them like they did for Nancy and Oksana? We need more pro competitions to entice the amatuer skaters to go pro and still know that they can compete and make money. What do you think?


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    Since Michelle is becoming so business savvy, she should start her own competition. Her star status would make it easy for her to raise funds, and other skaters would be willing to participate in a high profile event with her name attached.

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    I'm all for Pro Competitions if they are serious sports. If they get gimmicky then they become exhibition skating and then I'm out of that.


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    I think Michelle will gradually take over the three Invitationals -- the Campbell's and the two Marshalls events -- and turn them into pro-ams.

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    When Michelle goes pro, they may bring back some of the old pro (or pro-am) events. The real problem is that they won't have the same impact as did the pro events for Nancy v. Oksana, because there (probably) won't be a lot of re-matches. Irina, after all, has spoken of doing broadcasting and having children; Sarah is back in school (and, anyway, they had re-matches); and Tara';s hip won't let her participate.

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