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Langlois and Hay take pairs title in Vancouver

Anabelle Langlois and Cody Hay (QC) won their first senior national title with less than a point to spare. Jessica Dubé and Bryce Davison (QC) rose from fifth to second place overall to settle for silver, while Meagan Duhamel and Craig Buntin (QC) took the bronze.

Dubé and Davison wove a spell over the audience in their routine to The Blower’s Daughter, easily placing first in the long with 120.54…

Chan edges out Buttle for Canadian title

Patrick Chan (CO) won the Men’s event with a new record score for Canadian Nationals. The 17-year-old also became the youngest man to ever with the Canadian title. Jeffrey Buttle (NO) placed a close second, while Shawn Sawyer (QC) rose to capture the bronze.

Giving the performance of his lifetime to the Four Seasons, Chan also presented a lesson in how to skate, interpret and perform a long program. All…

Virtue and Moir win national title

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (WO) easily captured their first Senior national title, distancing themselves from the other teams with over 33 points. Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje (NO) captured the silver, while Allie Hann-McCurdy and Michael Coreno (BC/YT) picked up their first Senior national medal – the bronze.

Performing to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Virtue and Moir told the story of young love with the elements seamlessly integrated into…


Elladj Baldé (QC) won the Junior men’s title by more than 15 points, followed by Paul Poirier (CO), and Dave Ferland (QC).

Baldé showed good expression in his music to a tango, which featured a triple Axel-double toeloop-double toeloop combination, as well as good level 2 circular and straightline footwork. However, the 17-year-old stepped out of his second triple Axel, fell on a triple toeloop (in combination with a triple…

Rochette wins fourth national title

The 2008 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships concluded Sunday with the Senior Ladies Long Program.

Joannie Rochette (QC) won her fourth consecutive national title in this event, while Mira Leung (BC/YT) won her second silver. Cynthia Phaneuf (QC) placed a close third to win the bronze.

Rochette skated with effortless speed and carried the Spanish theme and character of her Don Juan routine throughout the program. The three-time and defending champion…

McNeil wins Junior ladies title

Kelsey McNeil (NB) won the Junior Ladies title, while Vanessa Grenier (QC) and Amanda Velenosi (QC) won silver and bronze, respectively.

McNeil, who stood in second after the short, opened her gentle and flowing routine with a double Axel, a double Lutz, a triple toeloop-double toeloop combination, and another double Axel. The 15-year-old put her hand down on the landing of a triple toeloop and struggled with another combination jump,…

Langlois and Hay first after short program

Anabelle Langlois and Cody Hay (QC) placed first in the Pairs Short program, followed closely by Meagan Duhamel and Craig Buntin (QC) and Kyra Moscovitch and Dylan Moscovitch (WO).

Langlois (26) and Hay (24) opened their routine with clean and synchronized side-by-side triple toeloops, but then they had a crashy landing on the triple twist and Hay later stumbled during their circular footwork sequence. Despite the errors, the current bronze…

Rochette leader at Canadian Nationals

Joannie Rochette (QC) is the current leader after the Ladies Short program, followed closely by Mira Leung (BC/YT) and Myriane Samson (QC).

Rochette opened her short program with a strong double Axel, but then fell on the second jump of a triple flip-triple toeloop. The defending champion quickly recovered to produce a triple Lutz, a level 3 layback spin, very good level three straightline footwork, and two good spins. She…

Buttle leads Canadian men in Vancouver

Jeffrey Buttle (NO) led the men in the short program, followed by Patrick Chan (CO) and Christopher Mabee (WO).

Skating to last year’s program Adios Nonino, Buttle opened his routine with a triple flip-triple toeloop combination and a triple Axel. The three-time and defending champion, who exuded a new-found confidence, also delivered a triple Lutz as well as very good spins and footwork. Along with a standing ovation from the…

Ralph and Hill win junior title in Vancouver

Kharis Ralph and Asher Hill (CO) were the winners in the Junior Ice Dance division, followed by Karen Routhier and Eric Saucke-Lacelle (QC) and Sophie Knippel and Andrew Britten (BC/YT), respectively.

Ralph and Hill placed first in the Free Dance (FD) with their performance to Rainforest – an unusual, yet interesting piece which the team interpreted beautifully. Their routine was highlighted by a very good combination dance spin, nice lifts,…


Elladj Baldé (QC) nailed his opening triple Axel-triple toeloop combination with a big smile, but then fell on a triple loop. The 17-year-old, who skated with energy and enthusiasm, otherwise delivered a double Axel, two level 4 spins, and good level 2 serpentine and straightline footwork. He earned 55.58 points for a first place finish.

Sébastien Wolfe (QC) opened his fast and entertaining routine with a triple Lutz-double toeloop combination,…

Pisotta and Stewart win Junior pairs title

Monica Pisotta and Michael Stewart of Central Ontario won the Junior Pairs title, while Paige Lawrence and Rudi Swiegers (SK) and Christi Anne Steele and Adam Johnson (WO) took second and third, respectively.

Lawrence and Swiegers placed first in the long with 84.16 points, but remained in a very close second overall with a total of 129.07 points. The team opened their routine with a pair combination spin and clean…

Virtue and Moir maintain lead in Vancouver

The Original Dance (OD) for both Juniors and Seniors for the 2007-08 season is the Folk-Country dance.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir maintained their lead after placing an easy first (65.29 points) in the OD, followed by Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje (55.60 points) and Allie Hann-McCurdy and Michael Coreno (54.60 points).

Virtue (18) and Moir (20) delivered a technically solid dance in their Russian folk routine to Dark Eye. The…

Ralph and Hill lead juniors in Vancouver

The 2008 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships are being held Jan 16-20 at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC. Approximately 190 skaters total will be competing in the Junior and Senior division of the event.

The top five skaters in each discipline will be named to the respective Junior or Senior National teams. Results will also be used to determine who will represent Canada at the upcoming World Figure Skating…

Pisotta and Stewart lead junior pairs at Canadian Nationals

The pairs short program proved to be a very competitive event, with teams vying for the two spots to Junior Worlds next month in Sofia Bulgaria.

Monica Pisotta (16) and Michael Stewart (20) of Central Ontario placed first in the short program with 46.62 points. The team, who are in their last year of Junior eligibility, showed excellent speed, flow, and musical interpretation throughout their routine to Fire On Ice….

Ralph and Hill maintain lead in Vancouver

The Original Dance (OD) for both Juniors and Seniors for the 2007-08 season is the Folk-Country dance.

Ralph and Hill maintained the lead after placing first in the OD with 43.75 points (76.01 total). The team performed an African folk dance which contained fantastic synch and expression throughout. Their routine included a good level 4 midline (non-touching) step sequence with perfectly matching twizzles and a fast level 4 rotational lift.


Addison leads junior ladies at Canadian Nationals

Rebecca Addison of Central Ontario was the winner of the ladies short program with 43.41 points. The 16-year-old displayed an easy flow and lightness in her routine to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, showing very good expression throughout. She landed a triple Salchow-double toeloop combination, a double loop, and a double Axel. The 2007 Novice silver medalist also produced a good level 3 straightline footwork sequence and level 4 combination…

Virtue and Moir take easy lead at Canadian Nationals

The Compulsory Dance (CD) of the event was the Yankee Polka, which consists of two sequences and was created by James Sladky, Judy Schwomeyer and Ron Ludington. It was first performed in 1969.

Tessa Virtue (18) and Scott Moir (20), who skated last, were clearly in a class by themselves. The team showed excellent precision in their steps and timing and are in first place with 40.04 points.

Allie Hann-McCurdy (20)…