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Adam Hagara carves history on ice

by Judith Dombrowski
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Adam Hagara carves history on ice

Adam Hagara of Slovakia became the first skater from Slovakia to medal at a Junior Grand Prix Final in Beijing, China in December 2023.

Adam Hagara

Adam Hagara carved his name in Slovakian skating history at the 2023-24 Junior Grand Prix (JGP) Final in Bejing, China. He became the first Slovak skater to both qualify for the event and clinch a medal. The emotional moment unfolded when the 17-year-old, overwhelmed with the results, struggled for words. “This was my dream!” he said. The heartfelt reaction captured one of the most touching instances of the competition.

Through this interview, we gain insight into the young talent hailing from Boleráz, Slovakia. He reminisces about his introduction to skating during his early childhood. He also reveals the reasons behind his unwavering dedication to the sport. Interestingly, Slovakia is predominantly known for its passion for ice hockey.

“It is not difficult to find ice rinks there, but to find ice times!” he revealed.

Hagara has amassed a great deal of experience over the past two seasons. He has competed at Europeans, Worlds and Junior Worlds. In our conversation, he delves into how these competitions contributed to his growth leading up to the breakthrough season of 2023-24. He also shares his insights on what he believes sets this year apart.

In a candid reflection, Hagara openly assesses his strengths and weaknesses, outlining his aspirations for improvement in specific areas. He expresses a desire to enhance his on-ice expressions, acknowledging it as an area for growth. While he fondly regards the triple Axel as his favorite element, he sets his sights on incorporating a quad Salchow into his repertoire in the near future. This strategic addition aims to bolster his competitiveness as he transitions to the senior ranks.

This season presents a series of fresh challenges for the young skater. His immediate aspiration is to secure a top 10 placement at the Europeans, aiming to obtain two quotas for his country. Following the event in Kaunas, Hagara is set to take part in the upcoming Youth Olympic Games in Gangneung, Republic of Korea. Although participating in the Olympics stands as his ultimate career objective, he expresses genuine excitement at the prospect of immersing himself in the Olympic spirit during the event in Korea.

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