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Canada's Trombley and Frenette Find Success in First Season

by Barry Mittan

Meeran Trombley and Jordan Frenette just missed the podium at the 2004 Canadian Nationals in their first competitive season together in junior pairs. They finished fourth, but still made the Junior National Team. Eventually, the couple hopes to make the senior team and compete at Worlds and the 2010 Olympics.

Trombley arrived in Canada three years ago after living in the United States for several years after she was adopted from her home country of South Korea as an infant. “I started skating when I was seven because I lived in a small town and there was nothing else to do,” she said. “I never tried dance because my coach didn’t think it was relevant.” She landed her first triple salchow at the age of 13 and continued to compete in singles. She started skating pairs when she was 10. “I like the interaction between the partners and the big tricks, like lifts and throws,” she said.

Frenette began skating when he was ten. “My parents bought me skates for Christmas and put me in a class that was run by a figure skating coach,” he said. “I never played hockey although I play a lot of roller hockey. I only skated singles for two years, and then I went into pairs. I like the lifts and the twists and the death spirals. It’s something I’m driven to do. I also like working with someone else to achieve similar goals.”

The skaters began working together in February 2003. “We were skating in the same school and we were both looking for partners,” Frenette said, “so our coaches put us together for a tryout.” “We counterbalance each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we have the same drive,” Trombley said. “We have a good rapport on the ice. He’s steady and a good motivator for me.”

They train at the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling with coach Paul Wirtz. “At this time of year, we train about three or four hours a day on ice, six days a week,” Frenette said. They do another hour or two of off ice training every day. That includes ballet, hip-hop classes, and handball. Frenette also plays baseball, basketball, and golf for fun. He has also taken karate, making it almost to a brown belt.

Wirtz chose the music for their programs, which are choreographed by Steven Belanger. For the short, they used Exotica and for the long, Fuego and Solace. “We made the long program from four or five cuts that we tried,” Frenette said. “It highlights our power.” “We like to skate to anything we can relate to,” Trombley added. “We like music that brings out our qualities the best and gives us a certain drive.” Off ice, she listens to alternative music, while he enjoys hip-hop, rap, alternative, punk and some oldies. “I’d like to learn to play the guitar,” he added.

Trombley likes to play video games and chat with friends. “I read a lot,” she said, “usually fantasy books.” Neither collects anything special, but they both keep the stuffed animals they receive at events. One of his favorite trips was to Bermuda, but he would like to see more of Europe. She enjoyed a stop in Paris on the way to Sweden and hopes to see more of Japan and Europe.

Trombley is currently in her final year of high school. “My favorite subject is chemistry,” she said. “I like to learn how things react. I’m thinking of going to medical school. I’d like to be a doctor or a surgeon.” Frenette is finished with high school, but hasn’t gone on to university as yet. “I enjoy social sciences, politics and history, but I’m not sure what I want to do,” he said. Currently the skaters help out with CanSkate classes at their club. They also worked with inner city children in a special program during the summer.

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