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Flores and Wang: ‘Liv, Laugh, Luke’

by Judith Dombrowski
Judith Dombrowski

Olivia Flores and Luke Wang

USA’s Olivia Flores and Luke Wang pose for photo at the 2024 World Junior Figure Skating Champions in Taipei.

Olivia Flores and Luke Wang

USA’s Olivia Flores and Luke Wang capped off their first full season with a silver medal at the 2024 World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

Having joined forces in 2022, the two former singles skaters made their international debut at the 2023 Challenge Cup in the Netherlands. One year later, they not only secured the Junior World silver medal, but also earned the prestigious title of U.S. Junior National champions. Their impressive journey included qualifying for the Junior Grand Prix Final after securing two individual silver medals on the circuit.

The duo gained attention not only by their powerful and charming performances on the ice, but also with their positive spirit off the ice. In fact, their motto is: “Liv, Laugh, Luke.” In this interview, they explain why this is the perfect theme for their partnership and how their positive training environment in Colorado helps them flourish.

We reflect on their remarkable season and discuss what they learned along the way. We hear what they value about their new discipline and what challenges they faced coming in as single skaters.

We learn about their role models and Luke shares a meaningful memory of Worlds 2016, an event he visited as a 12-year-old. One of Olivia’s biggest inspirations is her older sister, Isabella, who is a successful U.S. Ice Dancer with partner Ivan Desyatov and the 2023 CS Zagreb bronze medalist. She shares how she and her sister motivate each other and how the proud older sister reacted after Olivia’s success at Junior Worlds.

Additionally, we hear about their plans for next season and the next steps they want to master in order to improve. Luke also shares what kind of music he would like to try in the future.

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