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  1. New skating novel - "Life on the Edge"
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  10. "Superstars of Skating": Brazil, Aug '13
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  12. Ice Network to offer 4CC and Worlds
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  15. CSOI guest skaters: Kaetlyn Osmond (Alberta) + Javier Fernandez (Toronto)
  16. SC of Boston 2013 Ice Chips Show 101st editiion
  17. TSL Interview with Frank Carroll
  18. Skate for Hope - Columbus OH- June 15, 2013
  19. Kulik Teaching in Simsbury
  20. Glacier Ice Hosts 'Skating with the Starz' Event-SAT,June 22nd-w/Max Aaron & Gracie Gold
  21. Skating magazine readers choice award 2012-13
  22. My blog: The Naked Ice
  23. Three-day battles: vote for your favorites!
  24. Duhamel & Radford Interview
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  26. New Daisuke Takahashi Fan Page - Daisuke Takahashi Road to Sochi
  27. My new blog site: Single Axel
  28. Introducing a mobile app to Yuna Kim fans - YunaTube
  29. New Blog: The Ice and The Edge
  30. TSL's Interview with Jeff Buttle
  31. Figure skating news by Neveitalia.it
  32. New figure skating forum for polish fans
  33. "Ice Dance Analysts" blog - new as of Nov 2013
  34. aussieSKATES: Figure Skating Downunder previews the Sochi Games
  35. A Culmination: Meryl Davis and Charlie White
  36. Charity Ice Show at University of Michigan on March 9
  37. Stars On Ice 2014 American Cast Announced
  38. Skate for Hope
  39. TSL is alive!! Presenting: The Deeper Edge
  40. TV on Ice at The Paley Center in NY and LA
  41. Disson Announces Shall We Dance On Ice
  42. Interview With Brian Orser
  43. Ice dancing champions to speak at Relay For Life
  44. The Ice Doesn't Care Blog
  45. Bikes and Blades Motorcycle Poker Run for Special Olympics
  46. TSL: Jenny Is Back!!!
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  48. aussieSKATES presents: The Kailani Craine page
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  50. Podcast with Tamara MOSKVINA
  51. TSLís Interview with Elvis Stojko
  52. TSL Interview with Luba Iliushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch
  53. Dedicated star Hanyu targets third consecutive title at nationals
  54. Dedicated star Hanyu targets third consecutive title at nationals
  55. Hanyu claims third national title by impressive margin
  56. Miyahara rises to occasion, wins first senior title
  57. "She's A Good Skate, Charlie Brown" -- programming note (Dec 29)
  58. Available Now: aussieSKATES Free E-Zine
  59. Available Now: aussieSKATES Free PDF Calendar
  60. Hanyu out after surgery
  61. Pdahle's Video and Analysis Blog
  62. Machidaís decision to quit both selfish and untimely
  63. SkateDanceLive---Account to Check out
  64. iFigureSkating.com - The only Figure Skating friend you need :)
  65. The most crazy figure skating costumes?
  66. TSL- Grant Hochstein and Caroline Zhang interview.
  67. Michelle Kwan promises to be interviewed on The Skating Lesson
  68. 2015 Worlds Preview Video
  69. Figure Skater's Snapchat Names?
  70. Joke News Article from the Onion: Skater falls through ice
  71. "Stats On Ice" website from Curran Oi has launched
  72. New Figure Skating Novel..."Pairing Off"
  73. TSL with Oleg Vasiliev Evaluate Worlds Pair Event
  74. Oi launches stats-based website for figure skating
  75. The most memorable "Carmen" performances of all time!
  76. Patrick's Skating Commentaries
  77. Academic paper about figure skating
  78. Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus
  79. My blog: Salchows and Swarovskis
  80. BBC Documentary Ice Stars Airing again UK
  81. New website : Figure Skating Statistics :)
  82. The Blade Boys! New faces of FS Fan Commentary
  83. Figure Skating Fitness Magazine Launched
  84. Figure skating on horseback
  85. Full ISU Event Calendar 2015-16 (includes synchro)
  86. New Website - Danielle Thomas and Daniel Eaton
  87. invisiblespiral's blog
  88. My blog - icediaryillustrated
  89. Kudos to Icenetwork tech support
  90. Boitano, Davis&White, Weir 12/1 Bryant Park
  91. Yuzuru Hanyu Fan Site
  92. Bryant Park NYC Fri Feb 5: Adam+Caydee/John
  93. Free@NYCFeb28:Jeremy+Mirai+Gregory/Petukhov
  94. Shall We Dance on Ice airs tomorrow
  95. Ice Girls Movie
  96. Columbus, OH: 7th Figures Judge Needed Sat.
  97. The show "Children on the ice. The stars."
  98. "Patinaje Pink Power" interviews
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  100. Yuri!!! on Ice
  101. Family Skating Tribute 2016
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  104. Tanith needs to work on her hockey skills
  105. Stars On Ice US Tickets On Sale
  106. Help Fund Graham Go To Jr/Sr. Worlds
  107. Figure Skating as an Adult (Blog)
  108. New skating novel-- Red Flags by Jens Lyon
  109. Elene Gedevanishvili performs in NH
  110. Alexandrovskaya & Windsor Page
  111. The Dodds Squad Page
  112. If Babies Competed in the Olympic Game
  113. "R&J": TTMM, Yagudin, Kulik, VT and others
  114. Figure Skating Calculator app
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  117. T&D's Dancing on Ice returns in 2018
  118. New Skating Scores site: SkatingScores.com
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