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  1. New John Zimmerman Journal Entry
  2. Mother's day - I need some inspiration!
  3. "Slows" by Gail Hareven
  4. Random Thread
  5. Washington State withholds expected financial support for 2010 U.S. Nationals
  6. Weekend TV Alert
  7. Famous in a Second: Rubleva and Shefer
  8. American Idol David Cook's Brother Passed Away.
  9. Berezhnaya journal entry with pregnancy announcement
  10. Kimmie
  11. "Russian deputies try to ban LOL-speak"
  12. Four more ISU Communications published
  13. Curves or YMCA? What would you do?
  14. Anybody watch the Kentucky Derby?
  15. Dom DeLuise 1933-2009
  16. Russian Larionov's suspension reduced by ISU
  17. "Stand Up for Life" benefit show (article & photos)
  18. Keegan Messing wins Athlete Alumni Ambassador Award
  19. Religious Fervor is on the March!
  20. Is ordinal judging easier to understand than the CoP?
  21. If the NJS was around back then...
  22. I got glasses
  23. Thoughts on 2009-2010 ISU Ice Dance guidelines
  24. A letter from Yu-Na to her fans.
  25. Brandon Mroz Stays an Even Course
  26. Evan Lysacek
  27. Is there any chance for the best Ice Dancers to win the Olympics?
  28. Rockne Brubaker and John Coughlin teach Olympian/Paralympian to skate
  29. Fair? Maxim Staviski not sentenced to any Jail time?
  30. Your Favorite Sport and Skater
  31. In depth Berezhnaya article
  32. Emily Hughes - What happened to her fans?
  33. Paralyzed Skater?
  34. Staviski's Sentence Suspended
  35. Preakness Stakes on Saturday
  36. USOC/NBC Olympic promo photo shoot
  37. Weir's "Pop Star on Ice" shows hard work behind the glamour
  38. Olympic Tickets
  39. 6.0 Judging - How It Works ?
  40. Lysacek, McLaughlin/Brubaker part of the Coca-Cola "Six-Pack"
  41. Alissa on cover of IFS Magazine (June 2009)
  42. ISU - Test Event Dance -New Dances
  43. Duhamel and Buntin Close to the Top
  44. Asada, Ando, Oda and Kozuka on a Japanese game show
  45. Just a Question
  46. Where are Russian Ladies & Men?
  47. Inoue and Baldwin Change Coaches AGAIN!
  48. Dorothy Hamill and website
  49. The New HD Replay
  50. Mirai Nagasu
  51. Dancing With The Stars
  52. Figure skating judging and the Cold War
  53. Laura Lepisto's Comments about Male Skaters
  54. The "It Factor"
  55. McLaughlin & Brubaker to train with John Nicks in California
  56. Yu-Na Kim - She is the Queen from Republic of Korea
  57. Jeremy Abbott makes a coaching change to Yuka Sato
  58. 2009-2010 Coaching changes
  59. I Might Be Getting Paid to Attend the 2010 Olympics
  60. Zamboni article with photos
  61. Universal Sports
  62. Should Weir skip the GP this year?
  63. Stop tanning!
  64. Oi Boy
  65. In defence of Atheism
  66. Caption thread: Domnina & Shabalin and Virtue & Moir
  67. US Men's Olympic Team
  68. 8,000 Posts!!!!!
  69. 2k Posts!! WooHoo!!
  70. Who is your favorite for the Readers' Choice Award?
  71. 2009/2010 Competitive Ladies
  72. Can We Post Pics In The Edge??
  73. Anton Yelchin -Star Trek & Terminator has FS roots
  74. Chan Starts Working on the Quad
  75. Sonia Bianchetti Garbato's view cost cutting
  76. Pilot National Solo Dance Championships...
  77. Kristi Nutri-grain promotion
  78. Canada/US Border - End of an Era...
  79. Michelle: Will She Return?
  80. Ice road truckers??
  81. Evgeni Plushenko: Back to the Future
  82. Shen & Zhao are back!!
  83. Canadian and Brit team up for Olympic try
  84. Skate Canada National Team Pre-Season Camp
  85. Rachael Flatt
  86. Keeping New Music Secret..???
  87. Mai Asada
  88. Where would you attend?
  89. Air France Flight 447
  90. Gay Adoption?
  91. Kawahara heads to the high seas
  92. Michelle graduates June 6, has been accepted into graduate school
  93. MomiBu passed away at 71
  94. Great news for Mira Leung!
  95. Piseev interview on Russian prospects in Vancouver
  96. Weir's new choreographer
  97. Vaitsehovskaya on Piseev
  98. Junior GP Slection?
  99. Dr. Zhivago- breakout music?
  100. Detroit Skating Club Show report (Czisny, Abbott, Weaver & Poje, Best & Young)
  101. All roads lead to Toronto?
  102. Jump Doctors: Myth or Real
  103. Is watching figures an oxymoron?
  104. Disney-Pixar's Up
  105. Skating Shows, Cirque du Soleil, and PT Barnum
  106. Fibonacci, Music and Skating
  107. ElGed on the cover of a CD?
  108. KSU's admirable effort!
  109. Emily Hughes gets New SP from David Wilson
  110. Palau and the Chinese Muslim Detainees
  111. new article about Yuna and her mom
  112. Home ice for Estonian dancer at 2010 Europeans
  113. Figure skater Alexei Tikhonov is going to have baby
  114. Cage the Cat!!!!
  115. Fan support at ice shows - how much is too much?
  116. Olympics 2010 - "Just Around the Corner"
  117. Miki is the 1-day Police Department Chief in Nagoya
  118. "Speed" vs. "Music" in Free Skate
  119. Paula Smart
  120. Two new articles on Kwan possible comeback
  121. Skaters' TV ads collection: old and new, some nice, some funny
  122. 2010 Worlds Rumor: unlike previous post-Olympic anticlimax event?
  123. Leonova: An unexpected break-through
  124. Why is flexibility so appreciated?
  125. Should the ISU expand the field for the Grand Prix final?
  126. Daisuke Takahashi plans to compete in Nebelhorn Trophy
  127. Caroline Zhang Changes Coaches
  128. Remembering Laurence Owen
  129. World title brings new attention to Lysacek
  130. Circle the Cat
  131. Fraser / Lukanin retire
  132. The 4CC in Question
  133. Where is Katy Taylor? Anyone?
  134. Music
  135. Oxygen coverage up on line!
  136. Johnny Weir - new journal entry
  137. Katharina Gerboldt
  138. Third's the Charm for Canadian Pair
  139. Czisny Journal 6/16/09
  140. Obama's Universal Health Plan.
  141. Thanks for the link.
  142. Joannie Rochette visits Peru with World Vision Canada
  143. Latest Q&A with Kimmie Meissner
  144. From the Lighter Side of Figure Skating..
  145. IceNetwork article on Brandon Mroz
  146. Naomi Lang
  147. Farrah Fawcett Lost The Battle!!!
  148. Where are they now?
  149. Shizuka Arakawa's new program "Yugao" (from The Tale of Genji)
  150. Skaters stricken with swine flu?
  151. Denis Ten: The surprise from Kazakhstan
  152. Science in the Quest to Ease Figure Skating's Strains
  153. Bernie Madoff's Sentencing