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  1. Stars on Ice Beijing Dec. 15
  2. Originality
  3. Hanyu withdraws from Japanese Nationals
  4. 3rd spot : Chartrand, Austman or Pineault ?
  5. IOC circulate "reasoned" verdicts
  6. Patrick Chan rejuvenated by move
  7. DellaMonica&Guarise keep going after 2018!
  8. Medvedeva Withdraws from Russian Nationals
  9. What if Pechalat/Bourzat had stayed in?
  10. Judging tomfoolery - here we go again!
  11. Funny GIFs about FS world
  12. Interview w/ Adian Pitkeev
  13. Skating 'Schools' and Philosophies
  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  15. Kolyada defends Russian National title
  16. Seventh title for Bobrova and Soloviev
  17. Tarasova and Morozov capture national title
  18. Zagitova continues victory streak at home
  19. Medvedeva vs Zagitova
  20. Arm Variations Other Than Tano and Rippon
  21. Does ISU Qualification System Need Reform?
  22. Olympic Channel airings this week
  23. "A Day in the Life" NBC profiles
  24. Ladies Jumping Passes - GOE
  25. Best skaters who never went to the Olympics
  26. 2018-2019 Season - New rules
  27. NYTimes article on the U.S. Ladies
  28. 2017 End-Of-Year Eisgala At Oberstdorf
  29. Art vs. athleticism in skating
  30. Olympic Games Tech Panels and Judges
  31. Olympics - team figure skating -
  32. North Korea Olympic participation
  33. Volunteering at events
  34. Create the Perfect Program
  35. Favourite Announcers and Announcing Teams
  36. Ladies Short Program - Double Axel
  37. 3Lz-3t/2A versus 2A-3t/3Lz?
  38. Head Scratching Programs
  39. Gold supports friends at US Nats
  40. NYTimes Article on Yuzuru Hanyu
  41. Osmond ready to dominate on Olympic ice
  42. Edmunds and Lin withdraw from US Nats
  43. Tennell: "My consistency really helped"
  44. Wagner "furious" on scores
  45. Full circle for Nagasu
  46. Chen "extremely proud"
  47. Scimeca-Knierim/Knierim: It wasn’t our best
  48. Chen dominates at U.S. Nationals
  49. Miner sparks judges with quad Salchow
  50. Zhou: "I love what I do"
  51. Rippon: "I take full responsibility"
  52. Brown: "I need to move forward"
  53. Fourth Place Gets a Medal? What Colour?
  54. 2018 US Men's Oly/World/4CC team announced
  55. When it’s time to move forward- Pro skating
  56. US Ice Dance: Slimmest of Margins
  57. US Oly/World/4CC Ice Dance teams
  58. Skaters Retiring After 2017-18 Season
  59. Will all but mens be gold and bronze battle
  60. Tonya Harding on TV
  61. US Nationals exhibition?
  62. Canada nationals 2018
  63. Body of Work Thank Yous
  64. Favorite skating podcasts?
  65. USA TV times/dates/channels Olympic skating
  66. Standards set by skater contributions?
  67. Skate Detroit 2018
  68. Canada takes Team gold
  69. USFS Announces Three Withdrawals
  70. Jason Brown: Post 2018 U.S. Nationals
  71. Watching Olympics without cable?
  72. Canadian Team Looking ahead to The 2018-19
  73. Figure skaters lookalikes?
  74. Virtue and Moir: Revamped Free Dance
  75. Gilles and Poirier's new FD
  76. Weaver/Poje: "It made today more special"
  77. Daleman dazzles in Vancouver - 10 triples
  78. Osmond still confident
  79. Larkyn Austman surprises
  80. "Nervous" Duhamel and Radford dominate
  81. Séguin and Bilodeau still in the game
  82. Moore-Towers & Marinaro best trained team?
  83. Chan: "Not dream skate I expected"
  84. Messing in "hog heaven"
  85. Nam's on "La Strada"
  86. Elladj Baldé 's "goodbye gift"
  87. Canadian 4CC/Worlds/Oly team announced
  88. What the Wagner Controversy Shows Us
  89. V&M are Team Canada's Flag Bearers
  90. Comparison of jump takeoff
  91. Local FS community welcomes Messing home
  92. 2019 U. S. Figure Skating Championships
  93. 2018 Grand Prix Finals pre-sale tickets
  94. Interview with Mark Mitchell
  95. North and South Korea to march together
  96. Modern versus classical music for skates
  97. Six Words
  98. Tarasova/Morozov: "This victory was harder"
  99. Stolbova/Klimov "moot point" on Olympics
  100. Zabiiako/Enbert: "We are trying to improve"
  101. James/Cipres: "It's back to work!"
  102. What happened to Ryan Bradley?
  103. Fernandez was "looking for improvement"
  104. Aliev: "It was almost perfect"
  105. Kolyada: "I don’t know what happened"
  106. Clinging to old programs
  107. Papadakis and Cizeron on fourth Euro title
  108. Bobrova & Soloviev on Lev 3 Rhumba pattern
  109. Stepanova & Bukin: "It was not our best"
  110. Cappellini & Lanotte: "We are still hungry"
  111. Alina Zagitova: "I was nervous"
  112. Medvedeva: "A silver is a silver"
  113. Kostner: "I know what I need"
  114. Sotskova: "The fight is never over"
  115. Preparing A Gala Routine
  116. Understanding Dance Protocols
  117. Zagitova/Medvedeva to Lipinski/Kwan?
  118. Is Chinese Ice Dance going to rise?
  119. A little SkateAmerica info
  120. Inappropriate music in skating
  121. Alexander Majorov out of the Olympics
  122. 2018 Russian Ladies JGP Team?
  123. A little Four Conts 2019 info
  124. Yuzuru Hanyu - Four Continents
  125. Star Andrews "Vintage Program"
  126. Taking Risks in an Olympic Season
  127. National Compliment Day
  128. Skating Pet Peeves & Moves You Dislike
  129. B/S might be out of Olympics
  130. Team Gracie and Ashley
  131. Muramoto and Reed: "We are super happy!"
  132. Wang and Liu's potential
  133. Parsons: "It has been a challenging season"
  134. McNamara and Carpenter on 4CCs
  135. Soucisse/Firus "We hope it's not the last"
  136. Hawayek and Baker look to 2022
  137. Favourite moves + who did/does them best!
  138. High-energy crowd pleasers without lyrics?
  139. Stellato and Bartholomay on 4th place
  140. Last season for Ilyushechkina/Moscovitch
  141. Ryom and Kim: "We are not satisfied"
  142. Averbukh's plans
  143. Cain and LeDuc: "It was a fight"
  144. Kayne and O’Shea on 4CCs win
  145. Hanul Kim: "I was very nervous"
  146. Mariah Bell: "I'm still learning"
  147. Miyahara: "I have a lot of regrets"
  148. Mihara: "I am a little bit happy"
  149. Sakamoto: "I am very satisfied"
  150. Aaron: "I just wanted a good performance"
  151. Tanaka on 4CCs and Olympics
  152. Brown: " I want to be me"
  153. Shoma Uno: "I didn't do my best"
  154. Jin: I want to bring out something perfect
  155. Interview with Shae-Lynn Bourne
  156. New Documentary on John Curry
  157. Best moments : from 2014 to 2018
  158. Olympic Ladies: some stats
  159. Recreating magic for the Olympic season
  160. Asian Skaters' Names
  161. Sui and Han place their bets on "Turandot"
  162. Zijun Li has retired
  163. Who spins you right round?
  164. Bradie's birthday surprise
  165. Will the Olympics be streamed anywhere?
  166. Kimmie Meissner finds 2nd life on ice...
  167. 2014 Olympic Mens Videos available
  168. Today Show Investigation on Scoring
  169. Olympic Design
  170. Most successful ladies' figure skaters ever
  171. Carolina Kostner - longest career?
  172. THE Perfect Skater....
  173. Olympic Men, Pairs, Ice dance: some stats
  174. What's your Top 10 Pre-Olympic performances?
  175. Article on the Injuries of Russian Ladies
  176. Your podiums, since IJS started
  177. Most versatile skater
  178. Team Canada leads
  179. Science: Why Skaters Don't Fall More Often
  180. Insane Amnt of $ to Become OWG Figure Skater
  181. Yuna Kim's journey to light Olympic cauldron
  182. Gracie Gold: Now Figure Skating Coach
  183. Top 3 Yuna Kim performances
  184. New documentary about Evgenia and Alina
  185. Athletes View on 10 AM competition
  186. What would you do?
  187. Team Canada maintains lead
  188. Classic Russian Pairs Skating
  189. Why the Quint is Impossible
  190. Yuna Kim - NHK Trophy?
  191. Triple Axel launches Nagasu into history
  192. Why is the triple axel such a big deal?
  193. Sui and Han grab lead in Pairs
  194. (NYT) How Sasha Cohen, Spends Her Sundays
  195. Medvedeva vs Zagitova (and backloading)
  196. Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!
  197. Who is retiring after Olympic year?
  198. Nathan Chen has created a backlash
  199. Savchenko and Massot capture Pairs gold
  200. The Team Event Should Use Scaled Scores
  201. Nathan Chen: Press conference 2/15
  202. Sui and Han: "We feel very blessed"
  203. Duhamel and Radford feel "complete"
  204. Tarasova and Morozov: "The judging was fair"
  205. The battle of the quad kings
  206. Team Event: Time to Change the Rules?
  207. Javier short program music
  208. Hanyu leads Men in Pyeongchang
  209. Fernandez says Hanyu is an “amazing” skater
  210. Dmitri Aliev: "I worked hard"
  211. Chan: "I'm disappointed"
  212. Rippon: "Pyeongchang is his stage"
  213. Nathan Chen: “It was rough again"
  214. Evaluating Jump Underrotation
  215. Judging- Hold back scores?
  216. Rule for required combination in the SP?
  217. Intl Judge from G. Spin suspended
  218. Sending Rippon right decision by USFSA
  219. Eric and Meagan are a Classy Pair!
  220. More deductions needed for falls
  221. Hanyu defends Olympic title
  222. Uno: "I was focused"
  223. Fernandez: "I am so happy with the medal!"
  224. Chen: "I really just wanted to do it"
  225. Zhou: "It's prime time baby!"
  226. Rippon: "I am America's sweetheart!"
  227. Thanks Keegan Messing!
  228. Kevin Reynolds
  229. Skaters Who Peaked Before The Olympics
  230. Will we ever see a 6 quad FS again?
  231. Sally Field plays matchmaker for son, Adam
  232. Calgary 88 Battle of Brians Documentary
  233. NBC figure skating low ratings
  234. So Which Russian Lady Will Win the Gold?
  235. Hanyu: "My Only Motivation is the Quad Axel"
  236. Skaters programs next season (your opinion)
  237. Media Oblivious to Boyang Jin
  238. When panels get it wrong
  239. Meagan Duhamel Interview
  240. Strong group bond for USA ice dancers at OWG
  241. Artistic comp as new part of Broadmoor Open
  242. Has female 2a deteriorated since 80s?
  243. Patrick Chan's Plans after the Olympics
  244. Adam turned down commentating job